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TrevorPhillips3489d ago

OMG now this i must buy on first day.

Ghoul3489d ago

chainsaws on a mx bike. IM SOLD.

well i allready am i love deadrising 1. This looks damn awesome.

Perjoss3489d ago

which platforms will DR2 be released on? i really loved the first game, the fact that events were constantly happening at certain times brought the mall to life and gave a real sense of urgency, especially if you tried for the saint achievement, that was hectic :)

Nevers3489d ago

I <3'd the first soooooo much I was definitely on the bandwagon to buy this sequel years ago...

Dual-sided chainsaws on a Bo-staff... and chainsaws strappt to a motor-cycle... OMG... when's the release date now?

irish-leprecaun3489d ago

games have much of a story or are they like pain where you rack up points for
causing damage?????????????

The Lazy One3488d ago

you can make your own weapons and that the bike/chainsaw's on a stick weren't pick uppable.

Twould be orsome.

Also, PLEASE MAKE FAST ZOMBIES. like in 28 days later or dawn of the dead type stuff.

No Way3488d ago

There is a story to the game. It's been so long that I played the first one.. Hmm, I needa play that again. :O

But, if you haven't played the first one, I suggest you pick it up and give it a try! :)

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Pandemic3489d ago

Awesome, this should be an interesting game.

raztad3488d ago

yeah, LOL!

My first question when I heard about DeadRising was will the gameplay keep fresh and fun all the way? or it will be repetitive after a while? Some days ago I got Burn Zombie Burn, extremely fun arcade game, it never gets old, DR has the same vibe in it.

Why all the zombies are doing nothing, just waiting their turn to be slaughtered? maybe its just the preview version, and in the final product tehy will be more aggressive.

McMee3488d ago

Vegas, chainsaw mx's, dual wielding chainsaws, and Greene should be spelled Norris imo. This looks good.

II Necroplasm II3489d ago

Dirt bike with two chainsaws ........ EPIC win right there.

AngryHippo3489d ago

..going to be awesome fun. I love the double ended chainsaw stick. Cant wait.

TrevorPhillips3489d ago

Capcom makes the best zombie games :)

GiantEnemyCrab3488d ago

Capcom has farmed this out so it's not technically a Capcom game.

Not digging this new game at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.