Square: Japan's game industry 'almost xenophobic'

Square's Yoichi Wada calls for an end to Japan's 'closed environment', adds that Square Enix may acquire more Western groups.

Excerpt: "As Square Enix expands its presence in the West with the £84.3 million acquisition of Eidos, global president Yoichi Wada has criticised Japan's development culture for being too inwardly-focused."

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Marceles3520d ago

I'd pay £84.3 million just to hear Wada say the word Xenophobic

Captain Tuttle3520d ago

I laughed because it's true.

Baka-akaB3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Sounds more like a spoiled brat crying "why dont you buy my games on 360 ? "

Worst thing is it goes beyond platform war , currently besides FFXIII wich looks marvelous AND interesting and good portable stuff , they mostly release crap .

Bathyj3520d ago

I laughed because it's true.

callahan093520d ago

He's just realizing this now? Psssh. I won't argue it now and I wouldn't have argued it 10 years ago. Of course Japan's game industry is 'almost xenophobic.' If he'd realized this 3 years ago, maybe Square would have actually released a PS3 game by now instead of focusing all their efforts to the 360 and selling mediocre at best.

FarEastOrient3520d ago

Forgive Wada-san, he is slow to change and moving, just look at their commitment to producing Xbox 360 games at a lost especially in their own country and abroad. Capcom has already beaten Square Enix to the punch in getting Western developers to team up or have teams developing games for them.

Marceles3519d ago

lol bathy...I swear he didn't say that word, they HAD to make that up. If he did I gotta hear the audio interview.

locos853519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Square is slowly drowning themselves.

rockleex3519d ago

Yoichi Wada's conclusion:

We need to make more western games.


ThaGeNeCySt3519d ago

Xenerophobery. I'm sure that's how he said it

rockleex3519d ago

“In the last five to 10 years, the Japanese games industry has become a closed environment, with no new people coming in, no new ideas, almost xenophobic. It is now slightly behind western counterparts,” Wada said.

So because Japanese developers haven't been innovating much, you conclude that you need to imitate western games??!?!?

What the hell is wrong with you!!! >_<

A mediocre game is mediocre no matter if its a Japanese type of game or Western type of game. Stop using BS excuses to explain your sad list of games this generation.

If you want to innovate or bring new ideas to your games, you can still do it while maintaining Japanese influence. We don't want to play another run-of-the-mill World War 2 first person shooter game.

What we'd REALLY want to play is a Japanese first person shooter game but with Ninjas, Samurais, and robots with customizable perks and some other crazy stuff!

n to the b3519d ago

rockleex I like you & your comments on n4g but you said you'd like to see customizable perks which I believe are from western games (COD4 and Fallout 3).

of course, those customizable perks are basically rpg elements in our shooters; and rpgs are traditionally Japan's area of expertise. I see what you mean that incorporating western styles shouldn't HAVE to happen to make good games but I still think it's better when we all play together, y'know?

Naucious3519d ago

i didnt read the article so i wont even comment but u guys response to " XENOPHOBIC" is pretty funny lmao

I had to sit back and think about it, and the more i said the word it became funnier by the second.... he must have been playing xenogears or something lmaoo

great game by the way so i dont blame him

rockleex3519d ago

Perks came from RPG elements.

But the point is that Western devs took an old idea and renewed it! There's nothing wrong with them taking ideas from RPG games, because in the end it helped propel their game forward.

The point I was trying to make is that you can take influence from Western games(such as FPS) and implement it into your Japanese games. You don't have to go and make an all out Western game like Call of Duty or something. A Japanese FPS with Samurais and Ninjas, etc would be much more refreshing if done right.

But look at what we get from Square Enix instead. Another mediocre run-of-the-mill World War 2 airplane shooting game or whatever. -_-"

Nothing new or refreshing... AT ALL.

menoyou3519d ago

yea EVERYTHING is a phobia these days. if you dont like something YOURE A PHOBIC. dont like gays? YOU HAVE A PROBLEM CALLED HOMOPHOBIA!! dont like XBOX? OH YOU HAVE XBOXPHOBIA!

you people disgust me

GUNS N SWORDS3519d ago

because the Western population is so large they can make a 2nd or 3rd rate game and still sell a few hundred thousand units, whereas if these 2nd or 3rd rate games were made for eastern gamers it would probably just barely make 50 thousand units. (which is bad for the developers cause that could cut into the company's budget, possibly effecting the budget of their good titles)

Statix3519d ago

You know, if the head of Squaresoft knows the words "Xenogears" and "Xenosaga," why WOULDN'T he know the word "xenophobia," or at least the Japanese equivalent of it?

IcarusOne3519d ago

It's not exactly a surprise. But I'm more surprised by the reactions on the forum. And some of the comparisons being made are totally absurd.

Just because Wada calls for a more open atmosphere doesn't mean we're going to get Call Of Duty: Dance Dance Remix. The more you guys sound off against this, the more xenophobic you sound yourselves.

New ideas are always a good thing.

G4Chicks3519d ago

this might be stupid but who was president before this wada guy?
i still remember squaresoft before the acquisition. now they made some memorable rpgs. there are also some gems from square enix but squaresoft gets it from me

PirateThom3519d ago

Wada took over as President during the merger and was President of Squaresoft.

Not sure when he took over at Squaresoft though.

njr3519d ago

It's their fault for shafting their customers.

Releasing crap no one likes exclusively on 360 is killing two birds with one stone. People buying their games won't enjoy it, and PS3 owners will be disappointed for not having it in the first place.

XxZxX3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

WADA, "I failed not because i incompetent but it's the japanese fault. We can made a console but when we failed, it's the customer's fault."

evrfighter3519d ago

lol wow. Sony fans sure can hold a grudge. I wonder how many death threats he received when they announced ff13 multiplat.

there's a whole lotta butthurt goin on in here.

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Megaton3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

I call for an end to Yoichi Wada. Come on angry mob, we've got a job to do.

97gsx3520d ago

He will most likely bring an end to square enix. The stupidity of this man who releases game after game for the 360 but ignores the ps3 which will probably sell more demos of ff13 then any square 360 game released in japan. yea microsoft probably covers all development costs but profits are too small to justify alienating the target demographic. Blah Blah I enjoy my 360 but I know a FF7 sequel or remake isnt possible since sony owns the publishing rights.

Megaton3520d ago

I'm not even speaking on the 360/PS3 crap he pulls, it's just the level of quality in that company has been completely flushed down the crapper. Anything Square has made for the 360 is mediocre at best, and all their other resources seem to be clogged up in portable filler or Final Fantasy XIII/vXIII. They're unrecognizable as the same company that made the must-play classics on the SNES/PS1/PS2. It's f*cking pitiful.

97gsx3520d ago

Square always had duds remember tobal no#1 or chocobo racing 1-99. Its just been worse recently because of shoestring budgets.

SaiyanFury3520d ago

Tobal #1 was an awesome game with great fighting mechanics. Square-Enix's focus on the west is clearly alienating them in the east. Simple numbers show that. Sure, them releasing something Final Fantasy guarantees them sales, but beyond FF there's little for the Japanese audience to adopt.

Bathyj3520d ago

Yes Tobal 1 was awesome. Tobal 2 was said to be a masterpiece but we never got it in the west.

ry-guy3519d ago

I thought the Bouncer was a solid game from Square back on the PS1 but people thought that was another dud from them.

Marceles3519d ago

Tobal No. 1 was classic, not to mention the FF7 demo with it.

I liked the Bouncer too (for obvious reasons, check avatar), but I was still disappointed that it didn't turn out the way it was advertised. The first trailer had interactive environments where you can throw enemies through tables and kick them off the railings and the rails would break...and a cinematic camera that even showed bullet time while the girl was jump kicking a guy, but the final game just turned out being a basic beat-em-up. The graphics were still amazing for its time though and to me that made up for what was lacking.

locos853519d ago

Bouncer was a game on PS2. I think it was a launch game. But that game was mediocre, I couldn't get passed the first couple of hours becuase the games was too bland. Liked the idea though.

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Chris Hansen3520d ago

Ironic coming from the same guy that only wants his internal development to make Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest spinoffs. There is no hope for Square as long as this guy remains CEO. Square-Enix just wasted £84.3 million buying a sinking ship.

JonahFalcon3520d ago

You might notice Square-Enix is experimenting with different genres right now.

Even more interesting is the way they keep hyping the Thief franchise lately...

madkrazygames3520d ago

you know I was saying the same thing, why the hell would Square purchase eidos?

PopEmUp3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

I wonder why Squar-enix do exclusive games for the 360, if it is they want to expand their company to the western market. Since PS3 is also very well known both across Europe and America.

This seem to be ridiculous I have to say, if they want more money why the heck don't they make their games multiplatform, not doing exclusively to one platform. If Microsoft actually writing a check for them, but I still wonder why they still losing money, I meant WTF is going on here?

Lucreto3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

Japan will always be xenophobic. Recently they saud they are not going to renew any work visas to foreign workers in Japan. If Ryan Payton was still as Kojima Productions he would have to move to leave the company or set one up in the US.

This is their responce to the recession getting rid of foreign labour skilled and unskilled for Japanese workers. They expect this will help them with there many source of income exports which are down 85%.

edit- After reading the article I have to say he is right about the industry in Japan and explains why he is supporting the 360 this time round. He is trying to open the industry in Japan.

He has gained a few respect points but it still has lost a customer. I bought every SE game lost gen and most the gen before but not this gen.

SpartanGR3520d ago

"After reading the article I have to say he is right about the industry in Japan and explains why he is supporting the 360 this time round. He is trying to open the industry in Japan"

Yeah your're right PS3 is exclusive to japan and only 360 is selling worldwide. Wake up! Square-Enix is in bed with ms because of big fat checks.

Lucreto3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

I used to believe that but no longer. If MS gave them money why did SE have a huge loss last quarter.

I agree he should have gone to a more multiplatform approach and not just try and give the 360 more of a market share in Japan. But if he did that no one will buy the 360 version in Japan.

Here is my blog about it. It is a little out of date but I will do another with updated facts.

SpartanGR3520d ago

Why Square should care for 360 to spread in japan? They should do fine with ps3 and psp in their homeland and still support 360 in the USA/Europe territories. But the luck of support (of the ps3) in japan is further STRONG evidence of ms's big fat checks.

Lucreto3520d ago

More money SE it moving towards the EA of Japan and like EA they want to publish under every format under the sun. But the 360 is doing poor in Japan and since MS came along they have sold over a million.

SE is trying to get more games profitable in Japan as most never see japan like for example kilzone 2 sold 34,000 day one. Which is good in Japan but more is needed. RPGs are the only things that sell in japan other than casual games nowadays. SE are trying to get new genres out and to get japan more open to them.

kaveti66163519d ago

I don't like to make generalizations but, well actually I do like to and I gotta say I can't really imagine an unskilled Japanese guy. The education system is very rigorous over there, and from what I hear, a lot of Japanese students commit suicide if they get bad grades in school because it brings dishonor to their families. Also, I don't blame Japan for taking these drastic measures by denying foreign workers because the recession has hit them much harder than I even thought. Japan's main business strategy since the restructuring after World War II has been to import raw materials and export high quality goods, especially technology. Currently, Japan's exports have declined to such low levels the economy is crippled. Japan needs to preserve the money and keep it in the Japanese GDP, so obviously native workers will be given preference.

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jessehaysfl3520d ago

well you should start to see japanese devs selling out to EA soon...