PlayStation 3 Is the Best Sold Gaming Console In Japan

Sony must be pretty pleased with its performance on its home market and thinking about how it could replicate it all over the world. The PlayStation 3 has become the best sold gaming platform in Japan, probably because of the release of the Blu-ray version of the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie, which is packed with a demo version of the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII.

The PlayStation 3 has seen an increase of 42,000 units in sales, to reach 62,527, a number normally reserved for the Nintendo DS or for the PlayStation Portable. The Advent Children Blu-ray movie sold more than 270,000 units in its first week on shelves, which is extremely impressive compared with the best sold videogame of the week, which only moved 142,000 units.

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Hydrolex3521d ago

Japan and the whole world except United State.

why ? Everyone knows Americans have lower IQ than the whole world :)

Why dis3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

The average PS3 fan hates himself hence the fascination of the Japanese culture and Worship of it as if it were religion.

I'm a democrat of the USA but you need to leave the country you looney liberal.

USA has the best and brightest from all over the world and the worst.

The rest is average over all.

No one blames anti Americans for being envyous I would be too.

Sure we have problems with the controlled caos we call the USA but Smart non USA world citizens know the USA is the model for greatness.

Nationalism doesn't equal smart and some other nations are monopolized by Japanese brands and don't know any better lol.

Well have fun you balls of angry hate have fun crying lol.

I guess losers are the ones always complaining ;) :0

PS3 is losing, when your not on top its easy to bash.

I bet you're all Anime lovin losers and all that comes with it. LOL Gothic losers trying get mad.

artgamer3521d ago

I can't confirm their collective IQ is the worst in the world, however I can 100 % confirm that they have lower standards than the rest of the world and basically just settle for less.

Hence the 360 succes over there.

jessehaysfl3521d ago

if we is b so stuppidd then how come you be got nuked!


Hallucinate3521d ago

lol LEIO bubbles for that
hah amercians are so full of them selves (see why dis)

peeps3521d ago

How come they haven't taught you proper grammar at school yet?

jessehaysfl3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

The reason I haven't learned proper grammar in this context is because sometimes it's far funnier to be sarcastic/ironic, and by the way how can anyone call a whole country ignorant and stupid when clearly the act of doing so transforms oneself into becoming the degraded subject? Oh and America fu<k yeah…we got the bombs...

peeps3521d ago

actually I do see your point now lol

-x.Red.x-3521d ago

cause we got the bombs...


Stryfeno23521d ago

Everyone want to migrate to America to enjoy being an American....Oh the Irony.

Who the stupid one now?

PopEmUp3521d ago

well not me, cause I live In Netherlands, and since I love trance as much as I love games, so I think I be fine with it. As for living standard, you can check what City is the most livable/ less crimes in the world and then come back here.

If I have a choice to live, I think I rather live in Melbourne in Australia or in Tokyo in Japan, where I can be assure that I will be safe and be entertain as much or better than America with all my gaming needs and the place where I can go out party for the weekend, and not to mention without hearing a gun shot every time I walk out of the house lol man

TheFreak3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

haha nice to see that you have a good sense of humour

LeonSKennedy4Life3520d ago

Why dis...


If you're an American, I'm leaving! You're a moron!

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kwicksandz3521d ago

"the best sold console in japan"

what illiterate fool approved that.

All-33521d ago

LOL... a recent week on top and a few times previously and now it's the best sold gaming console in Japan?

Wii = 8+ Million.

PS3 = 3+ Million.

360 = 1+ Million.

Naucious3521d ago

Is this sales for the week only?? or is it a continuous thing in these past couple of months, I know Sony has started to increase in Hardware sales but i dont know how long has this been going. Still amazes me that a demo helped sparked the rise of sales....

Honestly i thought the Wii did sell more than 8 mill in Japan still impressive none the least...but the games is what i think is starting to make wii fall in sales.... be prepared for some more zeldas, mario's and metroid prime in the near future.

MS needs to do something quick only 1 mill in three years is def. not good... I still believe they are going to try and release FF13 in Japan as seeing what the demo did for sales for the PS3. You heard it first from me Folks

As for Sony they seem to have the right pace "NOW", they should of had it going from the get go, keep making great exclusives, and maybe a price drop, and they will have Japan in the bag sooner or later...

All-33521d ago

Microsoft is doing everything it can to get sales in Japan... but Microsoft will never topple any of the Japanese console makers in their home territory.

According to Microsoft --> they are ecstatic upon reaching 1 Million 360 sales in Japan. It's GOOD NEWS to Microsoft... LOL

Naucious3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

If thats the case then they need to re-adjust their thinking or pull from Japan all in general lol their still doing well above great in other territories....


lol well it will only equal that if you believe theirs only japs buying PS3's....

(I know ur being sarcastic)

This is what journalists keep posting from what many articles make it out to be at times when they say stupid crap like " Does ANy One Buy PS3's" or " Sony Falling to it's Demise"

lmao shows what people really know Sony, MS, And Nintendo are not going nowhere anytime soon not in this generation n e way

wallace10003521d ago

Agreed, that title is horrible.

Palodios3521d ago

Microsoft has spent millions on securing exclusive jrpgs for its consoles, and fighting for multiplatform ports for big name japanese games. They see sales bursts for the first week or two after big game releases, but then sales drop off quickly.
It seems like their only option at this point is to get a huge game, like a numbered monster hunter/FF/ DQ exclusive, but all of those games take far too long to make, and would be extremely costly to secure exclusivity rights.

FOXDIE3520d ago

What is that I am hearing you say?

All aboard the Sony train!!!!!!!!!!!!!

slayorofgods3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

The big news here is that the juggernaut Wii sales in Japan are starting to come to an end. It could be interesting to see how the Wii sales end up for the rest of the world in the coming months.

@ All-3
Those sales figures just go to show how much the PS3 has exploded in sales in the recent months. It also shows that the Wii may have just hit an ice berg in Japan.

gaffyh3520d ago

@naucious - using the term "japs" is considered racist fyi.

On topic- Stupid title, old news, "sold" suggests overall sales and PS3 isn't winning at all in that respect in Japan yet.

All-33520d ago

Microsoft will never give up in Japan, regardless if it never ever matches Sony or Nintendo - which it won't.

IMO - their entire strategy in Japan is to gain Japanese developer support... which they have... and now Microsoft have to find ways to keep it ongoing, and even try to get more support.

With Japanese developer support - Microsoft has a much better chance at getting "certain" /franchises/developers for the 360 that Microsoft deems important for the 360.

The climate with many within the Japanese game publisher/development community is that THEY need to reach out to the western markets to grow... and Microsoft has the 360 for them to do so.

That's one of the main reasons MORE Japanese Publishers/Developers have released their games on the 360 already... and Microsoft's MONEY hasn't hurt things either.

SnuggleBandit3520d ago

all these articles are dumb!

Wow xbox360 does well in America

Wow ps3 does well in Japan

Amazing how that works isn't it

I am happy for the ps3 but c'mon who didn't see this coming

RememberThe3573520d ago

But you have to respect the PS3's sales increase. It's not selling because it's a fad or a toy, it's selling because of games. You gotta respect that.

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AKNAA3521d ago

"There are over 8 million Wiis in Japan at the moment and over 1 million Xbox 360s."

Only 8 million wii's in japan?! I honestly thought it was in the 20's at least. I guess the majority of asians will always pick performance, quality and reliabiliy over cheap, quickly worn-out, disposable crap...

360= Good games, but defective, unreliable hardware (don't denie it 360 fans)

Wii= Good reliable hardware, But Crappy games.(Nintendo always seems to make well built consoles since the snes times. Respect.)

PS3= Reliable hardware, Good games (need I say more?)

I'm at work just killing time! hahah...

Sarcasm3521d ago

only 8 million Wii's in 2 years in japan is crap to you?

Keep in mind, all nintendo has to do to climb back on top is release a new color or a small price drop.

AKNAA3521d ago

"only 8 million Wii's in 2 years in japan is crap to you?"

I didn't say 8 mil. was crap, I'm just surprised that its not more!

cmrbe3521d ago

thats why i keep saying that the console war is far from over. People just see the wii sell like hotcakes in the first 2 years and people think it over already.

No, not really. There is still a massive amount of gamers from last gen thaat haven't migrated yet.

3521d ago
AKNAA3521d ago

"You forgot something.
PS3 = Crappy fanbase, especially on N4G."

I didn't add that since it goes both ways...

Cheeseknight283520d ago

Japan has a little over a third of America's population, and it has a little over a third of America's Wii sales. The numbers correlate pretty well.

Japan pop: Roughly 140 mil
United States pop: Roughly 306 mil

Japan Wii sales: 8 mil
United States Wii sales: 23 mil

8 million is just about right. I hope you didn't forget that Japan is, in fact, a smaller country.

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3521d ago

The 'PSP' is kickin'@SS in Japan;)

Just a good Price cut on the PS3 and it will be 1st all around the World!!! ;-P

jessehaysfl3521d ago

is this a surprise to anyone? Its SONY in JAPAN.

SL1M DADDY3521d ago

Considering the smear tactics that the media has been using when it comes to stories of Sony and their console, yeah, to some this may come as a suprise.

jessehaysfl3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

yeah im not trying to be catty (see what i did there) just saying sony has been a japanese company for something like sixty five years or so...

SL1M DADDY3521d ago

And as you, I am not trying to be catty, just stating that in recent years, many journalism outlets have been giving Sony a rather unfair shake and in that you can suspect many to have little true knowledge of how well Sony is doing world wide let alone Japan.

The truth is, the PS3 has been selling as well as or better than the 360 and yet we hear of how horrible it is selling and those boasting how horrible it is selling then turn the other cheek and boast of how wonderful the 360 is selling. Every year since the PS3 launch, the year end numbers for world wide sales hit and as it would seem, they both sell virtually the same. Why it is bad for Sony and good for MS is beyond me since for myself, if they sell the same then... they are selling the same, good or bad as it may be.

Transporter473520d ago

since when do home consoles sell more then then handhelds ?? i never seen that bfore n also its the new DSi... how is that not surprising??

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