Spawn Kill Review: Monsters vs. Aliens

Childrens' video games suck. That's not conjecture. That's straight-up fact. Now, a video game adapted from a children's movie? That's a disaster waiting to happen. Luckily, Activision has taken steps to reverse this horrible trend. Monsters vs. Aliens, a movie-based title for the kids, is actually a surprising adventure that both children and adults alike can enjoy. It's not perfect - most games seldom are, but it does offer up a good time for anyone who gives it a chance.

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tigresa3494d ago

Oh noez! If more of these kids' games start getting good like this, they're going to be worth more than $19.99!!! How will I evar afford to buy my future spawn vidya gaemz?!

K-Tuck3494d ago

Do what I do, if you have kids: start them out on old-school NES or SNES first.

K-Tuck3494d ago

Sounds like a decent title. I will still probably never play it, however.