ATI Radeon 5870 and 5870X2 specs revealed?

BSN: "German site ATI-Forum probably scored a coup of 2009 - according to their sources, ATI's RV870-based cards are already out at selected partners.
We cannot say was this leak was a reaction on our joint-exclusive story about nVidia's GT300 architecture, but one thing is for sure - ATI wants to bring out their Cypress board as soon as possible - planned for July 2009.

The alleged specifications of RV870 reveal that this chip is not exactly a new architecture, but rather a DirectX 11-specification tweak of the RV770 GPU architecture. Just like nVidia's GT300 architecture, the actual RV870 chip is manufactured in TSMC's 40nm half-node process, packing more transistors than GT200 chips. Regardless of what ATI says about nVidia and large dies, the fact of the matter is that ATI is making a large die as well - but the company will continue to use the dual-GPU approach to reach high-end performance."

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FantasyStar3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

So what I'm understanding is that ATI is only tweaking the RV770 to meet DX11 requirements? That kind of sucks. It's like putting a brand-new sticker on an old card and charging brand-new price for a new paint-job.

Kakkoii3494d ago

Yes and no.

They have actually done a few great improvements to their architecture. Plus it looks like the 5870 will have around the same power as 2 4870's. So it may not be a whole new architecture like Nvidia's GT300. But it is a vast improvement over the 4870.

FantasyStar3494d ago

I hope so, AMD/ATI's recently been good about providing the best bang for the buck. I hope it doesn't turn into another HD2000 series fiasco.