Modern-Gamer: Guitar Hero Metallica Review

Modern-Gamer writes: With the current popularity of music games still growing, bands of all sorts are trying their hardest to get in on the party. The latest band to jump on the wagon is the masters of heavy metal, Metallica. After years of touring, 12 albums, and a legion of fans behind them, the idea of melding together one of the world's most popular bands and one of the video games fastest growing genres was easy. In the newly released Guitar Hero: Metallica; fans young and old can rock out for hours and hours. Not only will Guitar Hero: Metallica introduce a new generation of potential fans but for some it might be the first time they hear any one of the 20 other bands in this celebration of hard rock. It could give a music fan a quick lesson in the Metal genre and be the perfect vehicle for future music fans. However can this ode to Metallica stand up to other music rhythm games or will it fizzle out?

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