OCZ had to slow down its SSDs because Mac OSX can't handle the speed

BSN: "Recently, OCZ introduced its line-up of products for Apple platform, as we covered it in our news story. What was weird was the fact that the Vertex Mac Edition SSDs come with different speeds compared to its PC version. If you compare the PC Version of Vertex SSD to a Mac-certified one, you will see that unfortunately, Mac SSDs endured a spec-down by 10MB/s, both in the areas of read and write."

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akilebailoyo3519d ago

just 10mb/s.... who cares?

Kakkoii3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Only a 10mb's difference for now. As SSD's get faster, that gap increases. It's explaining a fundamental flaw in Mac OSX file system that doesn't allow it to go any faster.

lsujester3519d ago

Don't you worry, for only one hundred thirty dollars you will soon get a brand new patch... errr, version of OSX that fixes said file system problem.

Leio3519d ago

The newer version of Mac-OSX are to be release in a few month and so are Windows 7..when they does SSD will rule big time.

archpsyker3519d ago

at least it isn't like a Microsoft release with 4 separate price points ranging from $199 to $319

Hopefully with this going public maybe Apple will get their act together and update their SATA drivers, doubtful but here is for hoping.

Kakkoii3518d ago

@archpsyker: Read the article, it's not about the sata drivers. It's the core file system of Mac's operating system.

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y0haN3519d ago

I think most people with brains are ;)

thewhoopimen3519d ago

I'm glad you guys are PCs because if you ACTUALLY read the article, it is the Journaling system that is causing the slowdown. ie OSX's ability to backup second by second of everything you've ever done on your mac in case of an emergency. Guess what? your PC doesn't do that.

hkseo1003519d ago

I never had to use a backup feature or program, because I'm not retarted and buy the most reliable parts, and i just copy everything to an SSD and a regular 2.5 sata drive.

Seriously, it's useless.

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steve30x3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Poor mac users. Lets all feel sorry for the inferior computer system thats overpriced. What does it matter anyway. The price of SSD's are still too expensive per gigabyte to be thinking of buying one mainstream yet and SSD's have some bugs that need to be Ironed out yet.

Kakkoii3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Actually, the bugs are pretty ironed out now.

And yeah they are expensive still. But the sub 100GB ones are under $200 now. So they make a good drive to install you OS on and your main applications. Uber fast boot and program loading :D. Great place for your windows pagefile also. And 64GB is a pretty good amount of room for just OS, programs and some games.

I'm planning on getting this one this year for those purposes.

rawd3519d ago

SSD's are lightning fast and I'm not too sure what bugs you are talking about. The Intel X series are amazing drives. Just because you can't afford Mac's and/or SSD's doesn't mean they are not ready for primetime yet.

Ppl like to crap on things they can't have unfortunately.

thewhoopimen3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Read the friggin article. You guys are dumbasses spewing about something when you know nothing. This isn't even a bug or a real hardware limitation. Its because OSX has a journaling system that is constantly writing a backup at the very moment you are using the system. Guess what that does? It saturates writing bandwidth. But you know what the side benefit is huh? You have a second by second backup of your system. Do you what other systems use a journaling system? Hardcore servers with critical uptime needs.

This is allocated/dedicated bandwidth need just like the way the 360 dedicates one processor to decoding and decompressing files from a DVD game, because of size constraints. Do i hear you guys saying something stupid about that?

Kakkoii3518d ago

Correction: You have a POINTLESS second by second backup that's robbing you of system performance. The chance of your drives failing if you have good parts is very low. So just doing a backup every night is perfectly fine.

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