Is SEGA Making a Comeback?

SEGA was once only second to Nintendo when it came to name and power in the gaming industry. Now in 2009, SEGA's fall from grace has been the biggest we've seen in the gaming industry, but are their recent titles a sign of good things to come.

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GWAVE3186d ago

Outside of Sonic Team (who is probably the worst high-budget development team in existence today), SEGA is pretty dang sweet. They've made a lot of awesome games this gen like Condemned, Valkyria Chronicles, Total War, and stuff like that.

It's too bad people avoid them simply because of their crappy Sonic games.

qface643186d ago

if you ask me no they aren't
they are PUBLISHING allot of good games they aren't really making that many of em

Sarcasm3186d ago

Publishing or making, it's still a good sign for SEGA. It's still part of their name.

SL1M DADDY3186d ago

Are they making a Dreamcast 2? IMHO the success of Sega will rest on the creation and successful market implementation of their next console. If that never happens, then they are nothing more than another dev/publisher.

jrsenkbe3186d ago

Yakuza 3
Valkyria Chronicles

They even made an anime out of Valkyria. Hope they add subtitles to the Yakuza 3 so I can reply it and understand it better.

zoneofenders3186d ago

SEGA's games are pretty good nowdays
except of course the crappy sonic games which sold better than those good games...

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Dragun6193186d ago

Sega been making some good games.
Yakuza 3
Valkyria Chronicles
Empire: Total War

And their 09 line up looks really good.
End of Eternity
The Conduit
Alpha Protocol

Now the only thing I would say that there not completely making a comeback is that They can't get sonic right.
All sega gotta do is just lay off the sonic franchise for while and start it off again fresh and create a game on how the franchise was known for, speed, not werewolf transformation, not swords and especially not Olympics with mario.

Is Sonic Adventure 3 hard to ask?
Or how about a PSN/XBL release of Sonic Adventure 2 which I believe was the best sonic game in the whole Franchise well the one I'd enjoyed the most.

MattG3186d ago

Sonic Adventure was a GREAT game. It's one of the reasons I bought a Dreamcast back in the day lol. I loved the opening street level.

SL1M DADDY3186d ago

Out of all those games you listed, Sega has had their hands in on only one of them in terms of development. All the other titles you listed are simply published by them. Now granted, I give them props for picking up some good titles to publish but to say they have been making good games lately is a far stretch from the truth. They hardly make anything these days. They publish more than anything now a days.

ExcelKnight3186d ago

@2.2 I hope you mean Valkyria Chronicles, seeing as how SEGA WOW made it...

SL1M DADDY3186d ago

That's the only one they developed, yes. All the others were simply published by Sega. Not hating on Sega but they were in their prime when they were in the console race IMHO. The DC was one of my all time favorite consoles and to see them run from the console race rather than run to it made me sad. It was a piece of my younger life that was lost when they backed out.

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PSP23186d ago

valkyria chronicles>all japanese games this gen,so yes,sega is dominating japan

artgamer3186d ago

Sega is has my respect this gen, they try hard and, I hope they continue the VC series, that game is awesome.

Sarcasm3186d ago

I think SEGA is clearly winning back it's respect.

Although they've never really been a bad company. They were just too ahead of their time.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3186d ago

I cant wait for the alpha protocol game :)

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