Killzone 2 Launched in Japan, some Japanese Cutscenes Included writes:

"Konnichiwa! Since Killzone 2 was officially launched in Japan last week, we'd like to extend our welcome to the Japanese fans of Killzone. We hope you'll enjoy the game and join us in the Warzone soon! For fans outside of Japan, here's a little taste of what the game looks like in the Land of the Rising Sun."

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chidori6663515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

the voice of visari is cool... i love voices of anime at in the Japanese kz2 the voices are good and so incredible.

ShinFuYux3515d ago

They could of at least tried to lip-sync what the character was saying in the screen.

Well, at least the english version looks beautiful and sounds beautiful.

crillyconlig3515d ago

the english version lip syncing isnt brilliant either, but not awefull

RememberThe3573515d ago

I've already played with a few, and they're a welcome addition to the Killzone family.

flakko3515d ago

Although sometimes thier names can be a little long and get in the way of sniping. nonetheless they have played nice

NinlenBox3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

i have a problem with killzone. yeah thats right! now kill me. burn me. rape me. uhhhh! the problem is that i dont have enough time to play. and it makes me look like this guy-> :(

crillyconlig3515d ago

none of them have spot and mark for the sniper yet, im having fun headshoting them :-)

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