All titles on GameAgent 50% off

GameAgent, a small digital distribution site for PC and Mac games, is offering a 50% off sale on all games in its catalog. The sale is already in effect and goes through Thursday, April 30th.

Mac users can pick up Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for under $30, while PC users can grab PuzzleQuest: Galactix and the 1701 A.D. games for $10. Oh and if you've ever been on the fence with Stubbs the Zombie, there should be no more excuses as the title runs only $5.

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sukru3492d ago

Many genres are still better on PC (RTS, MMO)

And you can hook up your 360 controller to play PC ports with higher resolution (1920x1200 Bioshock @60 FPS with highest quality, for some people only of course)

ThanatosDMC3492d ago

I rather buy my stuff on steam. Though their servers got messed up in Seattle or somewhere.

soccerstar3492d ago

Not a very big selection... Gamestops "huge sale" is almost better than this and that one sucked balls

JasonXE3492d ago

My first impression was awesome, let me see what game im going to buy. Went to the site and wonder where the games were.