EA has Lost Rock Band

This gameplayer article looks into some interesting changes in the backend of the way the Rock Band series is changing and shows arguments as to why EA may have lost the series.

"Rock Band has undersold. For a game that is far and away a superior package than that of main rival Guitar Hero – better songs, better DLC, better drums, song compatibility across games - it sold half as many copies in 2008. We're not saying the game has sold badly – far from it - just that it has failed to eat into the Guitar Hero series as much as it should of. Why?"

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SlappingOysters3519d ago

I wonder if the musical wing of Warner Bros. offers Rock Band any cool cheap options for getting tracks?

Just throwing out there, but it was a thought i had.

RevN8r3518d ago

Anyone who has played both knows which is better, and it's not even close. Better music, DLC strategy, instrument choices, Interface, note charting, even the animation and character creation is FAR better in Rock Band. The only people who still like Guitar Hero are the people who are just too stupid to admit that it's a lesser product now, or those who have no idea and only buy it for the brand name.

I have both, I've played both, I wish I never bought GH.

NachosWithCheese3519d ago

Pfft. Forget about Rock Band. Guitar Hero all the way!

It sells better for a reason.

outlawlife3519d ago

the reason being brand familiarity and market saturation

rock band is a better package in my opinion

NachosWithCheese3519d ago

Down here in backwards down under land, we didn't get Rock Band until well after Guitar Hero.

Will someone pass the sour grapes please?

SlappingOysters3519d ago

What are there, like 10 GH games coming out this year. And none of them are compatible with each other - the songs I am talking about - and the DLC is crap and restricted in how it can be used.

For all these reasons I think Activiion are about to get a kick back in the nuts from their fans.

Grooski3519d ago

When they get off their asses and ship RB2 down under, then I might buy it. Bit hard to otherwise....

outlawlife3519d ago

its very frustrating with guitar hero agmes when you cant play downloaded songs across releases of essentially the same game

there is no real reason aside from greed as to why i cant play my gh:wt DLC in guitar hero metallica

NachosWithCheese3519d ago

You mean I need to go out and buy Rock Band now?

Well that's gonna hurt my pocket...

Eiffel3519d ago

No offense but Guitar Hero would be a whole lot better if Neversoft and Activision did not release a new one every month or so, talk about milking. But Neversoft and Activision pulled them same sh1t with the Tony Hawk series.

Pennywise3519d ago

Rock Band is far superior.

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darkmurder3519d ago

I think Guitar Hero sells more because they release more games, Rock Band takes the DLC route (maybe not so much now) whereas GH takes the cash cow route and just releases new games with tracks rather than providing DLC. I don't mind really as long as I have my Rock Band, RB > GH

Kushan3519d ago

I think Guitar Hero sells more because EA are greedy bastards that overcharged on Rock band by stupid amounts.
It was actually cheaper to IMPORT the instruments from America to the UK AND the game was still sold separately. It works out at like twice the price. Australia was no better.
It's a disgrace.

PopEmUp3519d ago

Since I remember there some discussion on the bonus round since last year, Rock Band is too expensive, price are too high and I will refuse to buy it

plstcsldgr3519d ago

I love rock band and the drums keep buying tougher songs and playing them on expert. now i've played GH:WT at 3 different friends places on both systems and the drums are TERRIBLE they just don't pick and thing up and if i didn't have to bash on the cymbals to get them to pick up any contact at all i would look in to buying it but, it is just utter and total crap. Guitar hero's drums are ridiculously cheap and ineffective. rockband all the way.

DeeBee3519d ago

I prefer the drum kit with GH over the one with RB

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