IGN: Players Wanted: Marvel vs. Capcom 3

As much as it hurts inside, gamers have been forced to write off the possibility of a new Marvel vs. Capcom game ever since Capcom lost the rights to Marvel's characters several years ago. All the recent rumors/talk of MVC 2 being ported to the 360 and PS3 within the next few months has only fueled IGN's want for MVC 3, and their need to make character wish-lists.

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Raoh3515d ago

LOL then buy marvel vs capcom 2 and show them how much you love the series..

pain777pas3515d ago

@RAOH Correct! This is definitely a test for a sequel or a easy cash grab cause they got mine.

Pixel_Addict3515d ago

Now they are complaining about this. You know what, maybe Capcom is working on Marvel vs Capcom 3 and just threw us a bone. How about f**ing waiting. What's the matter? Having a bazzillion upcoming releases to throw your money at not enough?!

I have feeling someone, who spends way too much time posting stories on this site, is upset that the PSN is getting an exclusive demo.

"Fans are clingy, complaining dipshits who will never ever be grateful for any concession you make. The moment you shut out their shrill, tremulous voices, the happier you will be for it." - Yahtzee (Zero Punctuation)

GEESE3515d ago

MVC is overrated. I couldn't give two sh1ts about mvc3.

dericb113515d ago

Why bash one game cause you want another one? Marvel Vs. came first and if they didn't the SNK games really would not have happen. And guess what the license for SNK didn't get taken away so you should complain to SNK and Capcom and leave Marvel alone.

Bnet3433515d ago

Everyone knows in MvC2, if you really are going to play competitively there are about 6 fighters to choose from. The game is unbalanced. Look at the MvC2 tournaments. Everyone uses the same fighters. I like MvC2, but CvS is an uderrated series that deserves a sequel as well.

DevilVergilX3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Very true. But instead I would like SNK to make Garou Mark of the wolves 2 so bad, and for Capcom to maybe make 3rd strike(or 4th Strike lol) HD with a more balanced Chun Li... Also didn't one of the Capcom producer say that Capcom vs SNK 3 was possible? But man I love Marvel vs Capcom 2 its so fun! Strider/Doom/Sentinel for LIFE!

Transporter473515d ago

if they do MvC3 it would b sweet but i guess for now my money goes to MvC2 on PSN :)

Myst3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Fans also wanted a Power stone 3...

Please :(...

Corepred43515d ago

SNK3... MVC or nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.