IGN: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Lives

The fact that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 would be re-released in some fashion has been one of the Internet's worst kept secrets. Well, now it is official. Marvel vs. Capcom 2, the beloved 2D fighting game, is coming to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this summer. All of the same classic matchups are back -- just as you remember them -- only now they look better than ever. IGN recently had the opportunity to try out the updated game and have a look at the new features.

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Myst3518d ago

Lots of Marvel V Capcom 2 articles coming in. Glad to know it's getting a lot of attention, means a lot of people to face online :)

DARKKNIGHT3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

as long as its not over 15 dollars. the game is still almost a decade old, not to mention im sure several of you true gamers saved this gem from last gen.

honestly, i love this game. to be brutally honest even the original versions seemed to cut out frames of animation. In the videos ive seen so far, this version is exactly the same as far as animations. you can clearly tell, where they needed to add more frames for a more fluid look.

IdleLeeSiuLung3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

n4g just exploded with MvC2 news. The ign one has the best coverage of details about the game instead of a rehash.

I'm looking forward to this game, but it is not an HD remix. I would have preferred a HD remix of MvC2 instead of SSF2T.

$15 bucks is a steal for this game. In fact, all the Capcom fighting related games have been a steal so far at $15/each.

Myst3518d ago

Someone just told me it will be 14.99 so just barely close to 15.00 if you want to be technical heh :p. Though compared to Ebay prices this is as Idlelee said, a steal pretty much.

DARKKNIGHT3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

well, i have my ps2 disc.

i am not further bothered by the ps3s pixelation, as i chose to boot game at 480p and got used to that.


online. It heavily factors in my purchase. I hope i see you guys online, we should hold tournaments, and see whos the sh1t?

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infamous_273518d ago

Click agree if you're buying it for PS3. Click disagree if you're buying it for the Xbox 360.

Bnet3433518d ago

What happens if you are buying for both?

Venomish3518d ago

demo this thursday on PSN
buying it the minute it comes out this summer

Gue13518d ago

How come IGN has an Xboxlive channel and not a PSN channel?

DNAgent3518d ago

lol @ people who actually use the 360 controller to play fighting games.

Bnet3433518d ago

Only amateurs are the ones that use controllers. Let me know when a pad user wins a major tournament.

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The story is too old to be commented.