Killzone 2 not skipping intro movie properly, fix on the way

Destructoid writes:

"Those of you who downloaded the latest Killzone 2 update last week may have noticed that the patch, while welcome for its new ranks and exploit fixes, carried with it an unfortunate side-effect. The intro movie, at least for some people, is refusing to skip despite players hammering away on their controls.

I noticed this at the weekend, when I was trying to get my daily KZ2 fix but was unable to shut Emperor Visari up. The game makes a noise as if it's acknowledged your controller input, but will keep playing the opening movie regardless, only skipping until several seconds after the Guerrilla logo has appeared onscreen.

We asked Guerrilla if this was a common problem or just my copy screwing up, but were informed via Twitter that we're not alone. Apparently, this was not a deliberate attempt by Guerrilla to force us to look at its logo and the team is planning to resolve this rather irritating issue."

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BaSeBaLlKiD7213517d ago

yeah i noticed that immediately after downloading the patch... i thought it was just to show us GG's logo because it let me skip right before the video started. honestly, this isnt really a problem for me

Lifendz3517d ago

Guerilla, we know you made the game. You don't have to force us to watch your logo. We love u for this game. So please let me get into the game asap.

Nykamari3517d ago

Just wait until you see the Helgan leader that's all.

FlameBaitGod3517d ago

Yah what Nykamari sais and Lol to Lifendz

Mindboggle3516d ago

Yh i noticed it too, wasnt really a big deal, but you cant skip until you see the bold guy...

Giriath3516d ago

I was running late to a clan match when this happened and man was I ever panicking. The clan match was the best we've ever had BTW. We fought The Chaos Revolution and man were they good. We won 4-3 ending with assassination defend and our guy was down for a few seconds.

CobraKai3516d ago

Emperor Visari is a beautiful man. Beautifully rendered that is

trocalex3516d ago

The problem appear to occur when your dualshock have the number 2 assigned, the solution is to change the number to 1 BEFORE start the game, if you have already started the game wait for the intro starts then just press the PS button, change the assigneed number to 1 and then click any button to skip the intro. If the problem persists just repeat, switch to number 2 and them to 1 again. +++ If you have the guitar hero IR receiver connected to the PS3 USB port your dualshock will be number 2 because always the guitar will be number 1, the permanent solution to avoid this problem is to disconnect the GH IR receiver to mantain your dualshock as number 1 always. only connect it when you wanna play GH... +++ excuse my english, i'm from venezuela... hope it helps

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Imallvol73517d ago

I have been wondering about this . . .

xyz1893517d ago

the intro is nice if you watch it once or twice, but after a few runs you get tired of it :P

ElementX3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

I got disagrees? Yes it's cool at first, but not every time I start the game.

"...This much I vow...."
Argh, it's getting old! Why not take a vow of silence?

*EDIT* @ below
It's cool.

xyz1893517d ago

just for the record i didnt disagree with u lol :P

Panthers3517d ago

Um it is really annoying watching it every single time...

Surfman3517d ago

it skip after 5-6 seconds, just hit the X button few times.

Insomnia_843516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I think they just want everyone to see the "SCE" and "Guerrila" logos so that everyone knows the minds behind this masterpiece. It's the same with most games out there, I was surprised to see we could skip it at first, then came the update.

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