Rolling Stone name attached to Drum King in North America

According to several retailers, it appears that 505 Games is bringing its game Wii-exclusive drumming game, called We Rock: Drum King in Europe, to North America this year.

Re-dubbed Rolling Stone: Drum King (that's the music magazine, not the band), the title eschews the use of a drum peripheal, instead going a different route -- the game will require two Wii Remotes for air drumming. You know, like actual drum sticks, except they're just Wii Remotes.

The game is developed by ARC System Works, and was announced for European release awhile back, with a 30-song track list that included such songs as Saliva's "Click Click Boom," Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild" and an instrumental version of DJ Shadow's "Organ Donor."

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