TGR: Daily News Roundup-April 27, 2009

Konami backs out of controversial game, Bioshock movie update, a new greener DS, and video games could start to stink. Literally.

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A HiFi3516d ago

I do hope to see that Fallajuh game. It would certainly be interesting.

SirLarr3515d ago

It's very sad that Konami caved to the most marginal bit of controversy.

Viewtiful3516d ago

I just don't see why anybody cares. So we can make dozens of games about veterans dying and killing in WW2, but not in Iraq? What's the difference?

tehk1w13516d ago

Iraq is more recent I 'spose.

SlamVanderhuge3516d ago

kunda happy that Bioshock got spared from a Hollywood plundering