Left 4 Dead dominates third annual ELAN Awards

Chris Remo from Gamasutra writes:

"Valve's Left 4 Dead swept the ELAN Awards, the Vancouver-based award show honoring the video game and animation industries.

The multiplayer zombie shooter took the overall Video Game of the Year award, as well as three other awards: Best PC Game, Best Game Design, and Outstanding Technical Innovation."

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solar3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

totally agree. Valve has once again innovated the FPS genre. the AI Director is an unforgiven SoB and has innovated Co-op to another level that no other game has. it deserves all the awards it gets. i have my own issues with the game but overall, it was $50 well spent to me. been playing the hell outta it with mates since it was released, and the new Survival Mode far exceeded my expectations in the Fun Factor department.

Edit: oh and congrats to Bethesda. Fallout3 is a great game and im still only explored half of the world with probably 35-40 hours of game play. <3 Dogmeat.

Slinger4203494d ago

It's one of the best ideas ever truly realized in an FPS game. Valve absolutely nailed it!