IGN: Paper Airplane Chase Review

IGN writes: "Oh, and not that we're comparing DSiWare directly to iPhone, but Nintendo better keep itself in check with the competition. The amount of awesome $.99 iPhone games is on the rise, and the closest price-based competition on DSi is essentially an expanded demo, and that's the bar being set by first party".

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gumgum993516d ago

Not really surprised by the score.

The first batch of launch titles are almost never impressive with Nintendo systems.

DSi ware will take time

SpoonyRedMage3516d ago

I like the game though, didn't have Warioware and it's excellent for the short bursts of fun, same with Pyoro. AQUARIO and CODE are more for long journeys and make you think and Warioware: Snapped is good for a little bit of fun or just to show off to people.

I can't wait for Pop plus Solo, PiCOPiCT and Mighty Flip Champs. Some quirky games would be best though.