The GamingPlanet: Fat Princess Beta Key Giveaway Phase 2

The Gaming Planet Writes: "Hey Guys, last time we did this we had an issue but this time were trying it again and to make sure this works, we tested a code and were happy to say it we got beta keys. Like before you guys have another chance. All you need to do is post a comment with a valid email (again) and then write a joke with fat princess even create images if you must, be as creative and the top people will be announced here at 6:30PM EST so HURRY GUYS and GOOD LUCK!!!!"


Update: The Contest will close on 7:00 PM EST today 4/27/09

Update 2: Contest is over! thanks for playing guys :)

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The_Devil_Hunter3431d ago

The Fat Princess is... so fat her cereal bowl comes with a lifeguard

unitalfredo3431d ago

yo princess is so fat, Bill Gates couldn't pay for her liposuction!

goflyakite3431d ago

Oh there was only 5, odds were not too great.

andrewf913431d ago

thats all sony could supply to us since the beta is limited

goflyakite3431d ago

Oh I'm not trying to complain.

Thanks for having the giveaway anyways!

andrewf913431d ago

just trying to help gamers out :) little by little