Why do people care about Killzone 2 sales? Underground Hype 17 writes: After a 2 week hiatus, we are back and we have a banger of a show for you, as DJ Krome would so elegantly put it. This week, most of our cast members are present and we have a great time as it's been a long time since we all just sat down and talked about games. Quentyn, Stephen, Marcus, Adrian, Keem, and Michael gets behind the mics to to discuss what's really good in gaming. Here are some of the things we talked about:

* Xbox Live VIP Rumors: Do they really make sense?
* Impressions: What everyone thought of UFC, Red Faction, and more.
* NPD Numbers: Why are we still talking about Killzone 2?
* Batts quits AnalogHype... kind of.
* And a crap ton more!

Hit the play button, and try not to let this burst of awesomeness incapacitate you for too long."

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blackboyunltd3515d ago

killzone 2 is going to be studied in marketing classes for years to come

ogwilson3515d ago

lmfao that would be dope

Myst3515d ago

Lol! I'm going to have to give you bubbles for that one :P

sack_boi3515d ago

I'm really glad that Sony doesn't market games; they put that money into their games instead and that's why they're awesome.

lowcarb3515d ago

Your envy is hilarious, and as to be expected.

Death3515d ago

If they had the money, they would market the games better. You're naive if you think it's because they want to make games instead of sell them. Ideally they want to do both.


XLiveGamer3515d ago

They dont have the budget yet because they are still losing money for each console sold and a price drop can be a dagger to the heart if this xmas turn into another Deja Vu.

dτ_τb - yeah now call me a liar.

s8anicslayer3515d ago

because thats how fanboys measure a great game and or console! why else?

Traveler3515d ago

Do you really care whether a game you like sold 1.5 million or 3 million? If you do, you've got your priorities all messed up. I mean, seriously, that's pathetic.

Some of my favorite games of all time did not sell particularly well (Okami, for example) while some games I think are mediocre have sold very well (GTA4, for example). Or lets consider the fact that the Wii is my least favorite console this generation, yet it is destroying the other two consoles in terms of sales. Do you think for one moment that changes my opinion of the Wii?

The hypocrisy of people who judge a game or console's quality in terms of sales is a joke. You guys seriously look ridiculous.

GWAVE3515d ago

People (and by "people" I mean "fanboys") only care about Killzone 2's sales because sales are the last and only thing they can hold against the game.

It blew away all the haters. It surpassed all expectations. It raised the bar. So naturally, instead of giving the game the praise it deserves, haters decided to hide behind the last pathetic excuse they have to hate the game:

"Bu bu bu bu but it didn't sell 8 million"

Oh well. KZ2 will probably sell ONLY 3 to 5 million. How terrible...

FlameBaitGod3515d ago

People who say Sony is still losing money from each PS3 sold clearly doesn't know anything, its been MONTHS since they haven't lost any money on each unit sold.

lowcarb3515d ago

Spin it all you want, but the game has not hit the numbers we would of expected. Also this talk about haters is hilarious because it seems as if the only people hating are the ones that were talking up a storm to begin with. Maybe if you people would quit worrying so much about the other platform things would be different.

RememberThe3573515d ago

This is business, not charity.

Bnet3433515d ago

Killzone 2 was hyped beyond belief. I'm pretty sure that had something to do with it.

All-33515d ago

LOL... show me anything official stating that Sony makes a profit or breaks even with every --> PS3 sale.

I'm NOT talking about the PlayStation division which also includes PS2/game and PSP/game sales.

Where has Sony or anyone else ever made any backed up statement that the PS3 reaching a break even or PROFIT point yet?

The COST of manufacture have gone down since the initial launch --> YES... but not to the point of any break even or profit point yet.

FACT --> Sony is STILL LOSING MONEY on each PS3 sold.

SIdepocket3514d ago

The PS3 is still sold at a loss, and I don't think Sony has ever claimed otherwise.

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Gamer_Politics3515d ago

why arent ps3 owners buying killzone?its supposed to be one of the biggest sony brand titles this year

ogwilson3515d ago

I asked myself the same question. But someone else brought up an interesting point: that perhaps it confirms the notion that 60% of the PS3 install base are only there for the blu ray.

Sibs3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

*facepalm* I wouldn't say 60%. Not even close. Probably close to the number of 360 replacements by people who didn't know about/didn't want to wait for the rrod and other warranties.

Killzone 2 broke 1 million sales and is still selling, what's more to ask for?

iHEARTboobs3515d ago

Different strokes for different folks.

mintaro3515d ago

And this has to do with the 360 how?

ultimolu3515d ago

Because not everyone is into shooters? People have different tastes? The PS3 has different games that appeal to different types of people?

Not everyone is a FPS nut.

The game will sell well overtime, like I've been saying a billion times already.

darthv723515d ago

Every 360 sold is done so with the same intention. To play games. You can't say that about the ps3. It has been speculated by many that the percentage of gamers is lower than that of movie buffs who bought the ps3. I got mine for the games and only have a couple of blu movies.

I know a few others who are the opposite. They dont game and bought the ps3 as it was a cheap blu player. That may not be the case anymore as the blu player I want to get (just player) is under $200 now (Samsung 1500).

Like Ultimolu said, not everyone is into shooters. Speaking of which...hey Ulti, when are you gonna get that 360 you been saying you getting for awhile?

Sibs3515d ago

7 disagrees? It was a comparison of two arguments, saying that neither can be put into numbers and using either as an argument isn't viable with variables on both sides.

Plus, if you're saying sales are low, of course you're comparing it to SOMETHING, it's not like a certain amount of sales makes it a high selling game unless there is some sort of comparison...

lowcarb3515d ago

I think the game is selling but just not at the level many would have expected. This is definitely a slap in the face of N4G fanboy's and nothing more. I've played the game, and love it so hopefully it continues to sell well.

Danja3515d ago

to say most ppl bought PS3's for Blu Ray is just ignorant...

look at the sales of COD4 & WaW... MGS4 , GTA4... when it comes to PS3 exclusive there i sso much variety that sales are spread more evenly among them than with the 360 exclusives which are mostly shooters.... whe u have games like Mass Effect , Bioshock , Viva Pinata and Banja they dont sell more than 2 million tops...the latter didn't even go gold

so whats the big deal with PS3 exclusives not doing Halo or Gears numbers which happens to be shooters... see the pattern...

fact remains most of them sell over a million which is more than enough for Sony to recoup there losses on development to make better sequels

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truehunter3515d ago

I want jRPG...... Stop with the massive FPS plz. =*(. PS3 is in need of more.

SinnedNogara3515d ago

Come to think about it, why do people care about sales anyway?? KZ2 is still good isn't it.