Square-Go: Patapon 2 Review

Tactics play a large part in your progression through this surprisingly epic game. Your drum-beat orders include advance, attack, defence and a few others as well. Knowing which orders to give, and of course when to give them is the only way to get through the battles and boss fights. Further strategy is introduced by allowing you to level up each of your troops individually in power, type and armament. The only way to get all the materials to do this is to replay levels over and over again, in a more mundane game that could be a problem but here, simply playing the game is so much fun that you wont mind one bit. Don't worry about losing a Patapon that you have spent time and effort building up, any that die in a level will be back good as new for the next fight. It takes more than being swallowed by a giant bird to stop these guys!

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