Giant Bomb: Mafia 2 First Look Preview + Interview

Brad Shoemaker: "Open-world crime dramas are everywhere these days, so to stand out in the crowd, 2K Games and its development house in the Czech Republic are focusing Mafia II on an intimate degree of realism. That focus extends from the authenticity of the dialogue and behavior of the wiseguys who star in the story, to the intricate layouts of the interior locations you'll enter from the game's larger, urban open world. Based on a brief hands-off demo I saw, 2K Czech isn't reinventing the wheel with Mafia II's third-person action, but if the game world is realized well enough and the story is suitably engaging, a little by-the-numbers shooting won't be a big issue.

After the demo, we had a chance to sit down and chat with the game's producer, Denby Grace. Check out his thoughts and a bunch of gameplay footage in this video."

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