G4TV: Mafia II Preview - Sleeper Hit of 2009? writes:

"From an early look at Mafia II, I was impressed by its gunplay, dialogue, and acting. I have no idea about its driving sequences and exploration aspects, but if they're similar in quality to what I saw then this game could be the surprise hit of 2009.

In theory, it takes a lot of what critics and fans loved about the original Mafia (the PC version) and adds all the expected next-generation advancements. The truncated mission I saw was quite interesting, which really surprised me. I'm definitely keeping my eye out for this game at E3 2009 and I suggest that you do to."

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CaseyRyback_CPO3522d ago

The community decides what a sleeper hit is. You cant proclaim something a sleeper hit, just like you cant claim something might be a cult favorite.

How is it a sleeper hit if the first one was good enough for a sequel? Seems like a regular hit.

HBK6193522d ago

Certainly not gonna be a sleeper hit for me, this is probably my most anticipated multiplatform game.

Almost every other game I am looking forward to is a PS3 exclusive, but Mafia 2 reaches up above some of those simply because of how good Mafia was, that game is easily one of the best games I have ever played(Probably in my top 10 games), the story was brilliant, the gameplay was fantastic, all it really lacked was some real longevity in that you really didn't have a lot of exploring or fun to have after the story mode.

So for me, no way this game is a sleeper, but I certainly hope it's a hit!