Destructoid Preview: Rogue Warrior

These days, it seems like action and shooter genre games tend to star a generic hero or lead. They're just faces and names, with some kind of special ability, power, or training. It seems that they begin to blur into one another, with one gun-toting brute looking like another. There has to be some kind of real hero out there that can take the role of lead in this type of game, right?

How about Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko? He's a former United States Navy SEAL, the creator of SEAL Team Six and the Red Cell, the recipient of countless military awards for his service, author, American hero, and just a general all-around badass. I mean, this guy broke onto Air Force One without anyone knowing. Why not make a game starring him?

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morganfell3515d ago

A few of us did some work on this when it was at Zombie. It was lagging behind in development and we were asked to analyze the current build and make recommendations. Best swimming in a game ever. The underwater physics were top notch. However a great deal of the rest of the game, while showing a spark of genius, was in shambles. Hopefully Rebellion turned things around.