Uncharted 2 Demo Coming to Europe Soon

GOONL!NE: SCEE has confirmed to GOONL!NE that the Uncharted 2 multiplayer demo will make it's way to Europe.

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itchy183492d ago

this is a good news for our European friends.

i'm so glad i bought a ps3.

Kleptic3492d ago

and anyone that takes the 5 minutes to make a Euro account...yeah i'm glad I bought one too...

Cwalat3492d ago

Basically, they just confirmed that the multiplayer beta will also see a release date here in Europe, which is always good news.

I doubt it's a demo of the singleplayer campaign since it's waaay to early for that. I think we will see the demo being released sometime after summer.

(...btw, i'm also glad i got the PS3, i got it the first day it came out =D )

Killjoy30003492d ago

Thank goodness for the Euro account. I thought that Uncharted 2 was going to have a tacked-on multiplayer but it looks so damn sick. I can't believe how solid the animations are.

snaz273492d ago

is their anyone that has been in a beta before around? if so could i ask did playing the beta detract from the experience when you got the full game? like the feeling you have been there done that kinda thing? how much of the multiplayer was shown? did they show everything etc?... i would love to play it but im just abit worried that i will play the hell out of it then be bored of it by the time the full game is out? thanks... oh and btw for all the people worried that these modes will affect the single player portion... dont be! they brought in more people on this one to be able to do it so the single player will be just as good well infact even better than the first! icant wait! lol... oh and im also glad i got the ps3 lol

Brixxer6003492d ago

I was in beta testing for both Resistance 2 and LBP , neither spoiled the full game , if anything they both confirmed what i had expected (I had to own both games) on release

Shane Kim3492d ago

I've rearly heard of someone who loved the beta, but later on, had second thoughts of buying the full game. It can be the other way around. For example, you had hopes for the game, tried the beta and it wasn't your cup of tea.

If you're to like the beta, you will want the full game. Trust me.

snaz273492d ago

ok mate thanks... i was genna get infamous anyway and so i doubt i would have been able to resist playing the beta... man the more i read about uncharted 2 the more i get excited for it! its just gonna be epic!... thanks again for the reply i guess i have no need to worry about that now then lol... bring on the beta ha ha

snaz273492d ago

yeah i guess in that sense its just like a demo... like the red faction demo recently... i loved the first one so i was expecting alot or more of the same with improvements but after playing it i was glad i did cos now i know its not a game i wanna buy lol... tho with uncharted i just cant see that being the case... i like the fact they have given everyone a chance to play the beta but i know whats gonna happen if infamous sells well lol... its gonna be siad its only due to the unchated beta... but i cant wait for infamous anyway regardless of this beta... there are just so many games i cant wait for at the mo... hope i win the lottery soon or something lol.

Milky3492d ago

Oh my... someone get me a beer...quick!

Elvfam5113492d ago

*gets a beer for joe382 trips laughs and kicks his shin*

jack_burt0n3492d ago

Metal Gear - had never played MG online loved it preordered quicker.

LBP - Was crazy for the beta it gave a bit too much away ended up waiting 2 months b4 i bought it.

its tough sometimes it can take away from the actual games release but when its AAA like uncharted i doubt it will.

Kleptic3492d ago

I was in the Resistance 2, killzone 2, and Warhawk betas...

the warhawk beta was awesome...but did leave me a little bit less excited for the final game, because the entire beta was the entire game (at least before the add ons)...but that game was, and still is a blast...

the only time a beta ever ruined a final game for me was with Resistance 2...but the R2 beta didn't do it...the killzone 2 beta did...

I played R2's beta for about a week...and it was ok I op was fun, competitive modes kind of sucked imo...then the final game came out in november last year, and i bought it simply for the co-op and single player...just 2 days after its release I was accepted into the killzone 2 beta...and never looked back...R2 isn't bad, but its not killzone 2...

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MURKERR3492d ago

thank you for not leaving us out in the uk

Lucreto3492d ago

Lets hope with the new EU playstation blog we will get more of these.

WhittO3492d ago

ye it would be so crap if we didnt get the beta!!

i dont think they will release a demo so early though, maybe for E3 ?

Alcon3492d ago

I will joing your group the moment they introduce PSN cards in Europe (thats my number 1 complaint). SCEE has still a long way to go before Europe (or just the hole PAL region) is at the same level as the NA or Japanese region.

Wait and see. Only we're waiting for 2 years, but don't see real change for PAL region yet. I know patience is a virtue. I really hope that things will change for the good in SCEE

Lucreto3492d ago

It is still unknown if it will come with infamous. There might be beta keys for eurogamer and other such sites.

MURKERR3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

of infamous nomatter where purchased (fingers crossed)

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Fishy Fingers3492d ago

Actual Quote from ND as the article doesnt show it:

"You'll be able to get a multiplayer beta voucher inside infamous no matter where you purchase it. And, yes, we’re working on getting the beta set up in Europe too (we’ll let you know as soon as we do)."


Johnny Cullen3492d ago

I was told directly by Sony, but I'll add Evan's quote. Thanks Fishy :D

Fishy Fingers3492d ago

No worries, they posted it up in the comment section on the PS blog.

Fulensenca3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

because of the multiplayer mode I' going to hate Naughty Dog/Sony.
There are tons of good multiplayer titles out there, for Uncharted 2 was not necessary.

Uncharted 2 was one ( if not THE ) most wanted game this year for me ... now I don' t know what to think.

Multiplayer to all the cost, everywhere ... WTF!

@ disagree: so, you think that if single player will suck because of the multi implementation it is good? Or what?

celldomceen13492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

i didnt disagree, but i think they have separate teams working on the mp and sp. I dont believe that the single player will take a hit because of multiplayer.

snaz273492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

you probably got a disagree because your being negative already! lol... give naughty dog a chance atleast yeah? have you not read any of the other articles? ND have stated that single player is their top priority and they got in a whole bunch of other people to help with the multiplayer... so its not just the same team that worked on the first they increased the size... also just by judging their previous work should be enough they are the nuts mate and do you think they would want to knock their credability? the multiplayer is just a bonus and a damn good one too! its mad really people moan when its not there then moan when it is lol... just chill and you will see that they havent compramised anything.

peeps3492d ago

well ND have said they highed new guys to work on the multi-player/co-op so the same guys have still been working on single player... so really i can't see the single player being different whether they added in this multi or not

Baka-akaB3492d ago

No i just disagreed because of your ridiculous claims the solo would sucks .

Naughty have yet to dissapoint , so why that sickening negativity ?

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Baka-akaB3492d ago

Thought that it would be the case and something like that , just like with the us pre order Killzone demo , released at the same time in EU .

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