Wii don't want to waste energy

The Natural Resources Defense Council just did a report on them and found that Sony's latest iteration of the PlayStation (the PS3, which came out last year) uses around $134 worth of electricity a year. That makes it the worst of all the latest generation platforms, consuming slightly more than the Xbox 360 ($103/year) and gobs more than Nintendo's Wii, which uses a wee $10 worth of juice a year. (Anyone who lobbied for the Wii instead of the PlayStation can sure feel smug now.)

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You Already Know3520d ago

PS3 definitely guzzles energy, but you have to turn it off when you can..

and I mean turn it off, by flicking the switch in the back so you don't get beat up by the phantom energy vampire!....that red light keeps the energy suckling down into the PS3 for no reason...

irish-leprecaun3519d ago

but only on playn decent games which wii dont have many!

fear883519d ago

They forgot to mention that no one turned on the Wii because it was a waste to play games on.

FreestyleBarnacle3520d ago

A little more info about how this is worked out would be nice. How long were they on to clock this up? How much for the batteries for the controllers? What were they being used for when they clocked this number up? Etc etc...

DSilva3520d ago

Need more info. Maybe an average number of hours of use per week/month/year? This should hardly be called an article.

CrayzeeCarl3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

The PS3's energy consumption is greatly reduced in the newer models that use the 65nm Cell/RSX. I am guessing the same is true for the 360.

Edit: This is a horrible article! It compares energy costs for leaving the systems on 24/7/365! If you look at the graph, it shows for gamers who turn the system off after they're finished, the price difference is only $5/year.