Eidos Announcing New Game May 11

Eidos to announce new game on May 11, could it be a new Hitman or Thief?

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PSP23490d ago

its squareenix so playStation 3 owners dont care

Lucreto3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Chocobo Dance Party. /Joke.

It will be interesting to see what they have planned with SE in charge.

lh_swe3490d ago

I have been waiting sooo long for the announcement of a next gen Hitman, ahh the possibilities for a game like that :)

gaffyh3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Personally I hope it is Thief 4. Thief is the best stealth game ever, better than MGS, Splinter Cell (although splinter cell's stealth aspect is very good).

I would love a Thief 4, but I think their Hitman series has the potential to sell more, so they probably will make a new Hitman.

Roper3163490d ago

seeing that SE now owns Eidos it will probably be announced as a MP game but only the 360 version will come out and then they & SE will tiptoe around any questions regarding a PS3 version that will never come.

e.g. - Last Remnant

Gamer_Politics3490d ago

its not SE fault that the unreal engine has problems on ps3.....

Roper3163490d ago

but it is their fault for using a engine that doesn't work well with all systems when they claim to be a multiplat developer.

gaffyh3490d ago

They are going to leave Eidos independent, so I guess they will let them do what they want.

gauntletpython3490d ago

hopefully it's freedom fighters 2, but realistically its most likely a new hitman game.

also, in regards to the last remnant thing - eidos is already well versed in using the ue3 for ps3 games, so it's not likely.

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