VideoGamer: Rogue Warrior First Look

Richard "Dick" Marcinko, alias Demo Dick, alias Shark Man of the Delta, alias Rogue Warrior, is something of a military legend. During the Vietnam war he won four bronze stars and the Vietnamese Gallantry Cross, as well as picking up a bounty on his head head from the Vietcong. In 1980 he helped to set up the US Navy Seals' first ever counter-terrorist unit: at the time there were only two SEAL units in existence, but they called the new group SEAL Team Six just to confuse the Ruskies. He then went to set up a specialist unit called Red Cell, designed to test America's own defensive forces. Dick broke into military, sneaked onto nuclear submarines – he even crept aboard Air Force One. He eventually served as a technical advisor to the makers of 24, which was fairly appropriate given that this man was the original, real-life Jack Bauer.

And now Demo Dick is getting his own game – a sweary first-person shooter with minor stealth elements and lots of extremely violent hand-to-hand executions; it's also got Mickey Rourke providing the gravelly voice of Dick himself.

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