Top 10 "guilty pleasure" games

We all have games that we play when no one else is around. Maybe they are game that might hurt our gamer cred. Maybe they are games that would have our significant others yelling at us if they caught us playing them. Whatever the case, these are the kinds of games that you would rather not have on your gamer profile, but you just can't help it.
Here are the top 10 guilty pleasure games (or game experiences), with number 1 being the guiltiest of all.

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edgeofblade3489d ago

I really can't call playing games with T&A a guilty pleasure. My guilty pleasures revolve around mechanics. Games like GTA border on guilty pleasure, but if you add superhuman stunting and grappling hook guns like Just Cause, then you get to my real guilty pleasures.

Also, I love games that make me feel like god. That's my most guilty pleasure.

GWAVE3489d ago

Castle Shikigami 2 for the PS2 is where it's at. Youtube some videos and...yeah.

IdleLeeSiuLung3489d ago

Hey, if you are going to list God of War, you have to list Ninja Gaiden 2. I mean what other game do you slice and dice enemies like tomatoes?

Limbs chopped off, exploding heads and pierced bodies is all in there. Nothing as satisfying as seeing your Ninja swiftly move in all it's glory.

edgeofblade3489d ago

I think the difficulty kills any chance of NG being a guilty pleasure for me.

PotNoodle3489d ago

Yeah i don't know, ninja gaiden just doesn't flow as well as god of war in my opinion.

I feel like im fighting the controls and camera on ninja gaiden, but while i'm on god of war - the fixed camera is always in the perfect position and the combat is great and flows really well.

bloop3489d ago

I just got a loan of NG2 off a friend, never got around to getting it when it was released. The camera is driving me absolutely nuts. Everytime you get hit, it swings around and completely disorientates you >:(

evilmonkey5013488d ago

I broke my ng2 because it pissed me off so were they thinking?
Those Japanese people like games way harder than I do. They're supposed to be fun, not torturous, right???

IdleLeeSiuLung3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

lol, I guess NG2 could be considered "frustrated pleasure". Seriously that game gives me high blood pressure, but I keep coming back.

The camera definitely takes some getting used to and I have cursed it so many times for it getting me killed while the camera zooms in on a wall. If you are persistent you will get used to it. Besides I really think the designer of the game thinking in way of the ninja, cause:

- Most games cheat because you can see the whole environment, but in a NG2 you always have to look to see it. Control the camera.
- The enemies are smart, they don't just blindly attack you.
- Enemies circle you and wait until you are vulnerable. They will also break your attack, so choose to attack wisely.
- Enemies will co-ordinate their attacks in packs

From what I could tell on GoW, the cinematics makes you feel grand and just viciously evily good. However, without all of the cinematics the game play is very old feeling and doesn't seem all that great. It is the addition of cinematics that makes it good in my opinion.

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redsquad3489d ago


Good grief it was awful, but as a fan of the programmes of Gerry Anderson I just had to sample both this and the THUNDERBIRDS game (equally dodgy). But, they're proudly displayed on my shelf with my other collectables so I guess they're sort of 'guilty pleasures'!

Are_The_MaDNess3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

OMG when it did see the title i tought it was about games like sexy beach 3 or reapelay or artificial girl 3 lollollol

but noooooooooo

it was about Pokemon

i did not see this O.O lol

AKNAA3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I'm guilty of:
- The bust-a-move series
- anything Dead or alive( can't resist CHICKS WITH BIG TITTIES)
- Rumble roses( yeah, I said it!)
- Karaoke revolution( I sing great on my own! true story...)

evilmonkey5013488d ago

I was the only one who bought rumble roses...

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