Joystiq impressions: Mafia II

It's been almost a year and a half since 2K Games announced Mafia II, and several months since Joystiq has seen much related to the game. Nevertheless, it's still very much in development -- in fact, during a brief demo 2K recently held in San Francisco, they got a chance to see it played.

Since the original game released on last-gen platforms and PC in 2002, 2K bought its Czech developer, Illusion Softworks, renaming it ... 2K Czech. The studio has not only been working on the technology behind Mafia II, the Illusion Engine, since then, but also one of the first game's standout elements -- the script. Our demo was a single mission out of about two dozen planned for the final game; a game that may seem like a 1950s era Grand Theft Auto at first blush, but actually tries to be very good at a few things, rather than pretty good at everything.

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