Nidzumi: Assault on Dark Athena Review - Riddick-ulously Enjoyable

Nidzumi writes: "To be brutally honest when I first started to play Assault on Dark Athena I was expecting a short but satisfying shooter that I could play while listening to podcasts just as a casual FPS. After just five minutes, Riddick had clearly made an impact. It was podcast off and TV volume up and I soon found myself immersed in a original and engaging game of stealth and intrigue.

Assault on Dark Athena has you reprising your role as the highly wanted and dangerous criminal Riddick. Who has been captured on the mercenary craft known as Dark Athena. Unluckily for the crew, Riddick is armed with the ability to see in the dark which results in bountiful amounts of stealth action taking place in the shadows that litter the ship."

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