Bethesda Announced as Publisher for WET

GOONL!NE: "It's been confirmed that Bethesda will publish WET, to be released this year for PS3 and 360."

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nycredude3491d ago

Wait... how long has this game been in development? Bethesda is just now publishing the game and it due out in Fall of this year?

Sounds like a rush job to me.

Johnny Cullen3491d ago

WET has been in development since late 2007, back when Activision was publishing it. But when Acti merged with Blizzard, they dropped the game, along with several other new IP's and other new IP's in development (the only one not dropped was Prototype).

Since then, the game's been in limbo till recently, when it emerged again in the past couple of months. And then today...

nycredude3491d ago

I just saw Eurogamer's pics on the game. Looks kind of interesting but gotta see more before I form an opinion. Gotta be real good to give it a go. Too much competition.