Fudzilla: Lenovo S10e offers stunning build quality

Fudzilla: It's really not easy to find a netbook that manages to stick out in a crowd of soulless atomic midgets, which look alike inside out. Yes, things are starting to look a bit dull in the netbook segment, mainly thanks to Intel's and Microsoft's restrictions imposed, and strictly adhered to by most vendors. After all, nobody in their right minds looks forward to an unfriendly chat with Redmond's or Santa Clara's spinners and lawyers.

So, they all look and smell alike, and you're probably thinking there's something special about the Lenovo IdeaPad S10e. Well, no actually, there's not, at least not much. So let's start with the stuff that could make the S10e stand out in a crowd. First of all, Lenovo was the first vendor to offer a hybrid storage option on its netbooks, a 4GB SSD which peacefully coexists with the 160GB hard drive.

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