Blu-ray gets portable. Success to follow?

Don Reisinger @ Cnet: "I'm not convinced that Blu-ray will ever be the success DVD is. I believe that the players are still too expensive, the media costs too much, and there isn't enough of a jump in quality between DVD and Blu-ray to force people to jump to the new format. Plus, streaming video is slowly but surely becoming a force in the entertainment space.

There's another issue holding Blu-ray back: it's not portable. Unlike DVD, you can't bring Blu-ray with you on-the-go. And you certainly can't run into Blockbuster, pick up a Blu-ray movie, and play it in your car to keep the kids quiet on a road trip. That's been a contributing factor to DVD's staying power.

Until now."

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fishd3522d ago

Lol this Ron Reisinger really hates Blu-Ray!

Anyway ,this part :

" and there isn't enough of a jump in quality between DVD and Blu-ray"


DVD - 720 x 480 = 345,600 ... then factor in that it's interlaced
= 172,800 pixels each time the screen refreshes

Blu ray - 1920 x 1080 = 2,073,600 ... and blu ray is progressive and not interlaced so
= 2,073,600

If you can't notice the difference,You are fukcing BLIND!lol

Pennywise3522d ago

lol... I notice a difference and I dont even have 1080p. What a joke of a statement.

nycredude3522d ago

Cnet is really becoming a joke site. Don't they have some kind of connection with M$? Most of his complaints are no longer valid. He also seem to forget what the price of dvds and players were when dvds were new tech. What a tool. Shiat VCRs used to cost $1,000 bucks!