iPGN: Car Jack Streets 1st Review

TAG games bring their answer to GTA to iPhone with Car Jack Streets. So, is it a drive-by delight or a bank job gone bust?

Originally out for mobile devices, Car Jack Streets has you playing Randal Meyers, a bit of a doosh that has found him self in debt to a rather nasty and powerful mob boss Frankie. Now, we're not talking a few hundred dollars here… you owe $1 million! Luckily Frankie is business savvy, and instead of fitting you with concrete boots and treating you to a little swim with the fishes, he's cut you a deal. Pay back $50k a week or else! Oh and just for fun he blows up your car.

Cue Uncle Murphy [probably pronounced M-o-y-f-e-e] who cuts you a lucky break and gives you the use of his car, $5 grand and a base of operations. From there on in it's up to you to go out into the wide world of Jack City and earn the right to stay alive!

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PS360WII3492d ago

good score but this game is not showing up on the app store :(

rubberfish3492d ago

the game is out tomorrow (28th)

PS360WII3492d ago

ah ha! Thanks for the tip ^^