Gamedroid: 7 Days of Apocalyse Review

From the makers of Ankagua3D, StormBASIC now tackles the survival horror genre with '7 Days Apocalypse'. The game is about an unknown virus, called "S-Virus" that is killing and turning millions of people into Zombies! You play a female heroin, Akemi, and your mission is to is to protect Dr. Cupper, humanity's last hope for finding an antidote.

At first glance this game looks like a copy of iDracula + Tomb Raider, but what sets it apart are the 3D graphics. Being a 3D game the developers easily implemented 2 game views. Back camera mode is a nice addition that distinguishes it from others in its genre, but it needs some improvement. A mini map of the zombies/ghosts would provide the needed peripheral vision.

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