Gamezebo: Wild Tribe Review

Wild Tribe is a Virtual Villagers-style strategy game where you must care for a desert island tribe by helping them build things, gather food and water, defend themselves, grow and make new discoveries. Instead of people, though, your tribe consists of creatures called "wobblies" that can evolve into different animals. While it's a cute twist, Wild Tribe doesn't have the same level of depth as some of its contemporaries.

As adorable as they are, wobblies can't actually do very much except breed (which is done tastefully by dragging one wobbly onto another one), but they do have the unique ability to evolve into one of five different animals who can each perform a different function in the tribe. Gorillas are builders, elephants gather water, giraffes gather food, zebras are doctors who can heal sick tribe members, and lions can fight off invading hyenas.

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