2009 Noblegarden Season Guide has posted up a guide for the Noblegarden seasonal event in World of Warcraft. It includes the 10 available achievements, and the special pet reward.

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Maticus3466d ago

Very comprehensive guide, good read.

Leord3466d ago

Oh yeah, almost forgot :)

Great little guide actually. Very to the point and clear.

Malfurion3466d ago

Yup, handy walkthrough. Everyone's going crazy for these events now because of the Proto Drake mount, me included :P

Leord3466d ago

One of the more pointless WoW events.. :P

Cogo3466d ago

Well, WoW players are crazy over their pets!

Malfurion3466d ago

It used to be a one-day event I think, they've extended it now. Bit late for Easter mind you!

Leord3466d ago

I'm not even a great WoW fan and I love the pets. Pets are awesome :)

Medievaldragon3466d ago

I have never been too interested in pets. I only had the Collector's Edition pets, and the WWI and Blizzcon exclusive pets. Maybe a couple from quest rewards. Didn't have more than 8 pets. For some reason I went crazy a few days ago and got 53 pets within 48 hours. I couldn't resist going for the Noblegarden pet.

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Medievaldragon3466d ago

It was fun to get all this achievements done. A bit time consuming. Good thing is I don't have to be all week long completing stuff to get the achievement done. I completed it within 24 hours.

Recka3466d ago

Good read... Wish I had it before when I got my Noble title... which I have :P took me till 6am but I got it haha.

tere52mx3466d ago

almost 400 eggs and still i have no elegant dress :(