G.E.'s Breakthrough Can Put 100 DVDs on a Disc

General Electric says it has achieved a breakthrough in digital storage technology that will allow standard-size discs to hold the equivalent of 100 DVDs.

The storage advance, which G.E. is announcing on Monday, is just a laboratory success at this stage. The new technology must be made to work in products that can be mass-produced at affordable prices.

But optical storage experts and industry analysts who were told of the development said it held the promise of being a big step forward in digital storage with a wide range of potential uses in commercial, scientific and consumer markets.

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jack who3522d ago

boo ray? still think your needed?

MURKERR3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

this is research may go into production may not,it would be a while before you see it if ever..

Parapraxis3522d ago
Call/Recall has announced it is developing a 1TB optical drive and disk, backwards compatible with Blu-ray

Fishy Fingers3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Jack, just for you.

"The recent breakthrough by the team, working at the G.E. lab in Niskayuna, N.Y., north of Albany, was a 200-fold increase in the reflective power of their holograms, putting them at the bottom range of light reflections >>>readable by current Blu-ray machines.<<<<" ; BR players, NO mention of DVD/CD.

Please bear in mind this is not a complete tech. Much work is yet to be done just to get it to function correctly, let alone gain any form of support.

The Lazy One3522d ago

light sensitivity isn't really format specific. You're going to need a new player to use these regardless of whether you have a blu-ray or DVD player. That was just comparing the sensitivity of the sensors to blu-ray.

still want to know read speeds :(

Christopher3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

How fast can you read one of these new G.E. discs? Is it faster than Blu-ray?

Why would a new format that can hold 500 GB be used over an existing format that already has discs in the production mode (not the experimental, we finally got it to read mod) that can hold 400 GB with the current disc readers that can have their firmware updated?

What is the cost of this new format when taken into consideration not just getting to the point where it can be read, but creating components that can read/write it?

There are way too many unanswered elements here that make it unlikely to believe that this will replace Blu-ray, let alone make it to the next stage.

The article is the typical, hey, look at this new technology that may never see the light of day type of article.

Also, read the article carefully.

>>>When Blu-ray was introduced in late 2006, a 25-gigabyte disc cost nearly $1 a gigabyte, though it is about half that now. G.E. expects that when they are introduced, perhaps in 2011 or 2012, holographic discs using its technology will be less than 10 cents a gigabyte — and fall in the future.<<<<

The above translates into:
Blu-ray 25 GB (at release) = $25
Blu-ray 25 GB (now) = $12.50
G.E. 500 GB (expected) = $50

Blu-ray is also more than capable enough in storing the majority of biomedical imaging data on a 40 GB disc, let alone with the upcoming 400 GB discs.

fossilfern3522d ago

Me thinks you should get a job and afford a true console :)

Trebius3522d ago

Because more than half the people I know with 360s are either my friend's children, or my friends with no jobs.

phosphor1123522d ago

CD has the slowest data transfer rate.

Avg Speeds

Max Speeds


Also, putting all the data on the CD would be extremely costly regardless of the cost of the actual CD.

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PirateThom3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

It's unlikely this will ever reach production, especially because Pioneer already had a 500GB Blu-ray disc a year ago.


If these ever come to light, which is going to see the market first?

Elven63522d ago

If neither of the discs offer full backwards compatibility (ie my current Blu Ray player can play back all 500GB of data) then it will be anyones game, in otherwords a new format war.

Christopher3522d ago

Pioneer said that PS3s could be updated to read the 400 GB discs, as well as other devices that could have their firmware updated.

PirateThom3522d ago

Yeah, from what I recall, 100GB discs will work with no problems after a firmware update, so they're currently working on getting the higher capacity discs to do the same and, hopefully, keep the format evolving.

That said, for consumer use, a 500GB disc won't really be that useful, it will be great for back up and storage at a commercial level though, especially if disc rot doesn't set in.

ThatArtGuy3522d ago

Problem is that Warner Bros. will STILL use 25GB Blu-Rays for their movies even if a 500GB version is available.

Elven63522d ago

They were never fully clear on that, they would always avoid the full question when asked. They could simply be saying only the first two layers are readable without a hardware upgrade, again to my knowledge they have never come out to clarify this.

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Apocalypse Shadow3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

but it's not really any bigger than the pioneer 400 gig disc.

and this was in also doesn't stop companies from making bluray holographic discs.

and sorry 360 fans,this G&E disc still can't be used on xbox 360.finding new and innovative disc technology articles that may surpass bluray still won't matter as you can't use any of them unlike ps3's potential to use every new bluray disc.

EDIT:[email protected] pirate tom!they are already on 500 gigs?bluray just keeps on truckin.even i'm behind the progress.WOW!


Apocalypse Shadow3522d ago


it's no longer a truck but a super train.and potentially compatible with existing bluray players like ps3?

there you go again bluray.seriously bluray haters,you can't win with these,"i found a better optical disc over bluray articles."

pirate and para have shown you the winning format can match and beat any competitor to the throne.

apocalypse................... ......

Dlacy13g3522d ago

Is, will this require a new player? Or will this disc play on a standard DVD player....

And if the later is true...then yes... Sony should be very concerned for Blu Ray. But that is a big "if" at this point.

PirateThom3522d ago

It requires a new player, but they think they can make them cheaply.

Fishy Fingers3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Actually, these discs can be read by current BR players.

"readable by current Blu-ray machines." So perhaps, they'll become compatible.

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