Nintendo goes green with new DS Lite Green bundle

Nintendo has sprung up a new DS Lite bundle. The Nintendo DS Lite Green Spring Bundle arrives just in time for spring, and for Mother's Day.

From Nintendo:
"Ah, spring. The time when everyone's fancy turns games. To celebrate the season of growth and rejuvenation, Nintendo announces the blooming of a new Nintendo DS system color: Green. The cool new color comes bundled with a hip carrying case and a copy of the Personal Trainer: Cooking video game, which serves as an interactive cooking coach.

The new bundle will be available on May 3, which just happens to be a week before Mother's Day (hint, hint). Just like everyone else, moms are always looking for new and interesting meal ideas. Personal Trainer: Cooking includes more than 245 recipes from around the world, along with step-by step instructions for how to prepare them."

It has a $149.99 MSRP.

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Pennywise3402d ago

I am surprised MS did not patent that color!

Stubacca3402d ago

Now you can choose from Puke Green and Snot Yellow.

TheBand1t3402d ago

Ugh, what a nasty color.

That only looks good on VW Beetles.

Capt CHAOS3402d ago

Next up, green plastic leafed extensions for your wimote..

STK0263402d ago

Lite? why not the DSi...because there's no way I'm buying that crappy blue one and I feel like I have enough black stuff (black zune, 360 elite, PS3, PSP, DSLite, iPhone and laptop)

manwich253402d ago

That color is gawd awful