Square wants Eidos money back by 2012

The firm that saved Eidos believes it will have a return on its £84.3m purchase within three years.

Square Enix Group global president Yoichi Wada has told MCV that the British company is central to its plans to grow sales outside of Japan.

Indeed Wada says his combined group, which also includes video game and coin-op maker Taito, can go on to become the biggest games company in the world.

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Diselage3190d ago

I have my doubts that they'll see that kind of return.

Whitey2k3189d ago

Wada is such a loser and should be chucked out cos all wada is doing is supporting the 360 wheres the ps3 support Wada??? cos i dont c no ps3 support!!

Namikaze_Minato3189d ago

Hell Yeah! Square-Enix FTW!

SpoonyRedMage3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Awesome, I'm confident it can happen, they have some extremely big releases coming this year.

I don't get all the hate for Wada by the way...