Are Expensive Cables Worth It?

Gameplayer Writes:
As the link between all your high tech gear, cables are incredibly important, yet they are often skimped on by manufacturers and consumers alike in a bid to save. That said, unless you're dropping the GDP of a small country on your theatre system, you won't need the horrendously expensive, top of the line cables oft suggested by slick salesmen.

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madmonkey03520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

here in the uk, i bought my HDMI cable from Ebay for £1.99, in Game they were £17.99. In another electrical chops, they started at £20 and got to £135 for a 3m cable.
my bleif is that it doesnt matter how expensive a HDMI cable is becuase its a digital connection and is either sending the information or it isnt.

Ihave borrowed a friends more expensive cable and neither of us could see or hear any difference than the £1.99 cable i bought from ebay.

Fishy Fingers3520d ago

Generally, no. But range depending, higher quality cables can result in less distortion/signal interference.

Personally, I tend to favour the mid range cables. When you've forked out a fortune on your equiptment I dont see any point in skimping on cables. But unless your running 10+ metres (perhaps using a ceiling mounted projector) it's not something most people would see any real difference in.