Arc Rise Fantasia - New gameplay video

Marvelous published a new gameplay video form Arc Rise Fantasia.

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Mandaspt3520d ago

Its a great RPG, I hope this will be launched in Europe.

PS360WII3520d ago

wow that's a boss battle 0.o 3 mins and it's still kicking! I do like the art style of this game and really do hope it gets a release in all territories

vhero3520d ago

me too and why is it only on wii?? thats a bit of a silly move to make really I know it has more sold but honestly most wii owners are your average joes not hardcore RPG gamers.. also probably why it wont leave Japan never mind US..

bigjclassic3520d ago

Arc Rise looks amazing, and cannot wait for its release. I might import it using HBC, I hope it does come stateside in 09, to prevent me from importing. Looks like a solid JRPG.