Xbox Murder: Man Kills Acquaintance While Playing Videogame

Joseph Johnson, aged 28, from Chicago, is facing first-degree murder charges for allegedly killing a man while they played games together on an Xbox 360.

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SprayandPreycom3516d ago

please speak here .... yeas video game violence effects people the end....

Canary3516d ago

Yeah, that's totally it.

Not America's exorbitantly-high murder rates.
Not the overproliferation of violence in popular American literature, film, television and music.
Not the threadbare requirements for gun ownership.
Not the pathetically inept public education system that raised an entire generation of morons.

No, you're right. It's TOTALLY the fault of video games.

dantesparda3515d ago

maybe i havent been paying as good attention as i should have but why does it seem like most of these involve the xbox system? if im wrong than "im sorry" but show me the numbers

JeffGUNZ3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

So, when he purchased Call of Duty, it came with a hand gun? In order to play call of duty, you have to carry a firearm? No. Read the article. This is just a scumbag criminal with atleast one warrant issued against him. Knowing some of the areas in the Chicago and the increasing amount of gang population, this was nothing more then a criminal in a gang, being a criminal. It has nothing to do with video games. If he lost in a game of basketball, the outcome would have probably been the same. It's not video games fault that people make terrible decisions. Whatever happened to people being crazy?

@ Canary: I agree with you about it not being video games fault. But, watch what your saying. I work in law enforcement, I would bet my house that the gun was stolen or not registered to him. Most of the weapons on the street are owned illegally. Second, public school has nothing to do with it. How do you even know this kid graduated, he may have just dropped out at the age of 16. Take a look at the figures, you'd be surprised. Most of the craziest, unthinkable acts come from kids who were in private school (compared to kids in public). This is what I see everyday, a high school drop out who commits crime for street rep.


how does a passafist, such as myself , play violent video games?

sack_boi3515d ago

What was that idiot doing with a gun in first place?

Lich1203515d ago

I would say, yes, video game violence affects people. In the same way that a toddler cries if you take something they want away from them. It only affects people that have the emotional capacity of an infant. That is to say, if these people weren't provoked by video games, it would be something else. Don't blame video games, blame the people. Or, extrapolate further, why are these people the way they are? Because rest assured, the underlying reason has nothing to do with video games.

ASSASSYN 36o3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

That doesn't mean you don't want to fight. It means you will not actively engage in any form of combat EXCEPT for self-defense. And it has no meaning related to video games. Go have fun kid.

Agreed lich. A child can't cope with the reality of having something he/she wants removed from them. A teenager struggles with the experience and due to immaturity exhibits difficulty adjusting. A grown man/woman knows better. And is subjugated to the full extent of the law. Ignorance is no excuse for violating the laws of the land. The nut whom used a hand gun weather with intent to murder or settle a dispute was wrong.

They knew better they just didn't care. I have been playing violent video games my whole life and never exhibited any behavior resulting in another persons death. I never been in trouble with the law and never had the urge to murder another human being. People have been killing eachother since we crawled out of the primordial soup. And videogames have been around for a blink of human history.

Mikerra173515d ago

people who hunt kill people occasionally.
Presidents kill thousands by sending them into a useless fight.
Gangsters kill other gangsters

I kill viruses, now Im scared Im goona shank someone

how many deaths are blamed on videogames each year 100? how many people in the world play video games 50 million (rough estimate) or so? so the odds of you killing someone is .000002

you have all been warned

LastDance3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Now im no forensic expert, but thats definately got to be some sort of party trick keeping the controller in the hand even after you've been shot in the brain and subsequently fall over.

heroicjanitor3515d ago

Xbox overpowers him and forces him to do it...

edhe3515d ago

I think they should've mentioned that the guy was a wanted criminal before they mentioned COD.

lsujester3515d ago

A guy with the name JeffGUNZ who works in law enforcement, talking about scumbag criminals, and is willing to bet he knows this guy's history without knowing him. Has the stench of profiling all over it. That scares me more than the idiots on the street.

Gang members usually kill each other... pigs abuse everyone.

Christopher3515d ago

So are the following: any sport activity, movies/television shows, driving, work, house chores, etc.

Video games don't make people violent, violent people are drawn to violence and therefore more likely to own games that help bring out their violent tendencies. This doesn't mean that non-violent people aren't also drawn to violent games, but it's a matter of how people are able to take in the violence and process it.

Skizelli3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )


I know Wikipedia isn't the most reliable source, but that info has citations to back it up, and I threw in some other sources for good measure. You say America, but I assume you mean the United States, as most people do. I don't know if you've looked at a map lately, but North America isn't limited to just the US. There's also Canada and Mexico, each with their own gun laws. Then of course there's South America. That said, North America has a fairly low murder rate according to those sources.

This "generation of morons" isn't limited to the US.

JeffGUNZ3515d ago

First off all, it's not called profiling, it's called probability. I am not a "pig", I work for the federal government. Law enforcement is not just police officers, it's a term for the whole community of people who work in protecting the society YOU live in. I have graduated from a University, with a BA in Criminal Justice. Shortly after that, I graduated with my Master's in Criminal Justice. I have read more books, done more research, and witnessed things you have no idea about. Why don't you pick up and book or do some research before you post ignorant comments. The average criminal in America is between the ages of 17-28, African-American, in a low-income areas. That is not profiling, those are the FACTS. Do you ever realize that the further outside of the center of city, the more dangerous it is? Look at Philadelphia, if you are downtown philly, it is beautiful, go 15-20 blocks north or south, and all the buildings begin to have bars across them, and those fancy resturants you saw downtown, are now replaced with fast-food joints. Why is that? It is because the further outside the epicenter of the city, the poorer and poorer the sections get. Most crime occurs in the "ghettos" or other low-income areas. Gang members don't just kill gang members. Why don't you get your head out of your as$ and try to see what I see daily, and what other people who work in law enforcement see. Gang members kill ANYONE. Yeah, gang fights occur, but what about the innocent young woman who gets stalked, raped, and murdered? I guess she MUST have been in a gang, since gang members only kill other gang members. Do not sit there and type out nonsense about "profiling" to someone (me) that knows this subject more than you. Go ahead, google it. I can pin-point so much information on this guy, you'd be scared.

Profiling is saying "all african-americans are criminals" or "all whites are red necks". Or even, like you said "pigs abuse everyone". You need to learn respect, because one day you might find yourself in a situation where some "pig" saves your life. You know what, that will probably never happen, why? Because those "pigs" go out every day and night to prevent and protect people, even ignorant ones like you. Why don't you make fun of our men and women in the military now, since you seem to be so classy.

Also, JeffGUNZ is a nickname that was given to me by my brother. I have been shooting since I was young and I am a firearms instructor for mulitple agencies (on the federal level) for the government. Hence, jeffgunz. Grow up.

lsujester3515d ago

You actually think I don't see that kind of crap. You're not the only who sees the affect of ghetto. But unlike you, I don't drive through it, I live in it. I see drug deals and shootings in this neighborhood more than I care to, and more so where I used to live. I haven't been to Philadelphia, but I lived in New Orleans for most of my life. Go look up those statistics since you love to Google everything.

Regardless of what statistics you can pull, using any kind of race to judge "probability" is just a cover for profiling. People get raped, murdered, maimed by people of all walks of life.

You can call it what you want, but you even spouting these facts about the average criminal shows your tendencies. Even if you can nail down this guy about the gun and whatnot, it's still from the fact that you used a gross generalization (accurate or not) to portray his life.

And why would I respect you, since judging by your posts, you're a good example of "pigs abusing everyone". And do tell, if law enforcement officials are out protecting us from the horrors of ghetto life, how is it they are never actually in the ghetto until something happens?

Traveler3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Jeffgunz is right. Your twisted view of things, Isujester, is so hopelessly ignorant and out of touch with reality.

Are there abuses of the power that police officers wield? Sure, and we should do everything in our power to make such cases known and to punish those involved. Abuses of police authority should not be tolerated.

On the other hand, the damage that criminal gang bangers perpetrate on society is vastly greater than all the police abuses put together. It's not even comparable.

As far as I am concerned the gangbanger mentality is a scourge on society. These people are so worthless and so destructive, I wish every single one of them would just disappear off the face of the planet. Those kind of people, along with redneck dumbsh!ts that want to shoot any animal that moves and have no respect for the natural environment, are two types of people that I think the world would be far better off without.



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Dark_Overlord3516d ago

this article has a few floors

1st - he was possibly playing COD (what? did the killer change the game on the way out, he was either playing it or he wasn't)

2nd - Lets say for arguments sake he was playing COD, COD is a 1 player game only so there could be no argument over who was the winner/loser

3rd - The dead man was found with the controller in his hand, which means he WAS NOT EXPECTING IT, as he was shot to the back of the head

4th - Who the hell takes a gun around to someone else's house unless they have the intent of using it

IMO this was pre meditated, the suspect took a gun to the victims house, socialised with him, and got him to put on a game where his concentration would be solely centered on. Then whilst the victim was distracted shot him in the back of the head.

Parapraxis3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

I agree with points 1, 3, and 4...and it certainly sounds pre-meditated.
the fact they were playing video games has NOTHING to do with it.
It sounds as though the person commiting the murder used the game as a distraction.

Call of Duty games do have split screen though, so i'm not going to agree with you on point 2.

Only a coward thinks they have the right to take another persons life.

Also might I add, tying ths to videogames makes as much sense as blaming it on washing dishes if the victim happened to be doing that while the he was brutally shot in the back of the head.

Washing dishes leads to violence! sound the alarms!

ASSASSYN 36o3515d ago

If you got to carry a gun somewhere. Then you don't need to go there. I am not against firearms. But I am for responsible carrying and use of them. Not carrying them just for the heck of it.

jmare3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Why is someone a coward if they think they have the right to take someone else's life? Murderers, yes. People defending themselves or others, no.

Edit: Yet your argument seems to think that violence has no place, which is also untrue. You cannot use negotiations or diplomacy for everything. Some people cannot be negotiated with, which leaves what options? I agree that there are other options than just violence, however I am realistic enough to understand that Utopia is impossible and violence is sometimes needed when ther options fail.

Parapraxis3515d ago

There's a big difference between people feeling they have a right to do something and people who do so in defence, which is born out of necessity for survival.
Your reasoning is the same reasoning people give to justify wars. Which concludes that there are no alternatives other than killing, which couldn't be farther from the truth.
It's the neverending cycle of eye for an eye which needs to be broken through education, diplomacy and elevating ourselves ethically and morally beyond war mongering factions and ideas.

Dark_Overlord3515d ago

ok fair enough, I forgot about the local split screen (probably because I never play it :D)

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redsquad3516d ago

Game violence only desenisitizes me to more GAME violence - Really violence still turns my stomach.
If you kill a mate over a video game result then you're an unbalanced loony anyway, surely.

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piam453515d ago

he shot him cuz he said killzone 2 was much better than cod.....

jack who3515d ago

he was short cause he said what you just said.

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