OXCGN Looks At Mass Effect 2: Will It BeThe Greatest Console RPG Ever?


"Mass Effect 2 has been on gamers' minds recently after the release of the teaser that left us on the edge of our seats with our jaws on the keyboard.

So many questions were left to the viewer to wonder about. Why is there a Geth in N7 armor? Will we get new alien races or allies? And most importantly, is Shepard REALLY dead?"

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iDystopia3516d ago

I probably anticipate this game more than any other out there.

DelbertGrady3516d ago

This and Dead Rising 2. But I'm more confident that ME2 will deliver on all fronts and then some. Dead Rising 1 had some issues I don't want to see in the sequel. If they give me some kind of 'free mode' and fix the controls I'm sure I will love it.

Mass Effect is the best game this gen imo.

iDystopia3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Agreed man. Bioware will deliver.

And I hope they give you traditional shooting mechanics and check points/better save system in Dead Rising 2. Would make the game sooo much better.

cherrypie3516d ago

In anticipation of ME2, I'm playing through ME on Insane. It is even better than my first play through.

As was the case in my first play, "run and gun" just gets you dead. I'm enjoying the depth of the battle mechanics a great deal. Using the versitle strategies and subtle "tricks" makes it incredible.

Its just such a _fantastic_ title. I hope they make a few tweeks and stick close to the first. Epic story-driven. Deep exploration. Varied missions and tactics. Hard-Science-fiction art-style.

Best RPG on a console this generation.

dexterwang3516d ago

I'm so itching for the game I'm tearing my hair offf
Seriously I bought a 360 mainly just for ME cuz its very much my type of game (KOTOR style)... even though I currently only have 4 games on the 360 vs how ever many PS3/Wii games i have, ME1 and ME2 make it all worth it!!

Tony P3516d ago

"Greatest console RPG ever"? Overhype much? Wait till the game actually comes out, media.

I prefer to simply look forward to what will be a satisfying continuation of one of (if not the best) original RPGs to début this gen.

Immortal Kaim3516d ago

I said this in another thread about Mass Effect, but I will say it again. It had the most dynamic dialogue options ever conceived for a videogame, I can't wait to see the continuation of the ME Universe.

Superfragilistic3516d ago

Nice tag! lol

And yeah I agree, what Bioware has done for dialogue gameplay mechanics still amazes me.

Jaces3515d ago

mmmm, to some yes and yet to others not so much.

Ausbo3515d ago

this is like the first news story that isn't raided by ps3 fanboys.

On topic though, i can't wait for me2 but i don't want to hype it because i hate disappointments, but i don't recall bioware ever making a bad game so i am excited.

Traveler3515d ago

Mass Effect is my favorite game on the 360 and I can't wait for the sequel.

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gaminoz3516d ago

The trailer was certainly one of the most WTF? trailers I've seen. They can't go wrong, can they?

Superfragilistic3516d ago

That had WTF written all over it that I'm sure if I slowed the trailer down enough I'd find Infinity Ward put that in there to! lol

McMee3515d ago

ME is in my top 5 favorite games ever and the framerate barely ever dropped on me, guess I was lucky anyway absolutely stoked for this game. My god 2010 is soooo far away, hope this one stays exclusive but with EA as the publisher that seems unfortunately doubtful.

Godem3516d ago

i cant wait for this game, the last one was damn near perfect, besides the frame rate and menu system!

cherrypie3516d ago

I had no technical issues with the game, nothing of note.

The menu system (in-battle, assignging tasks, using skills) was *excellent*. However, I would like to see the inventory system go a little more "automated" -- help me equip the most powerful of any item, and upgrade the mods accordingly....

That radial menu sytem was nearly perfect. It was only the inventory management that could get improved.

Sorla133516d ago

I cant believe the end of the clip, im just like, holy moley!
great article, glad their ditchin the elevator stuff, was fun at first, but got annyin after a while
10 thumbs up! (and i only have 2, think about that!)

XboxOZ3603516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Yes, and amazingly it's a WORDPRESS BLOG site . . . funny that . . .(dig at all the "all Wordpress Blog sites are rubbish...." etc, groups out there in N4g-land).

But on a serious note, the game will rock, and they have a lot more up their collective sleeve, not just for this one, or Mass Effect 3, the game is aimed at being an ongoing concern . . .and it does have the legs for it as well. So top marks Bioware.

DelbertGrady3516d ago

lol @ all Wordpress blogs are rubbish =)

It's just a content management system, not a content dictating system. Some of the people here need to educate themselves a little before writing stuff like that.

gaminoz3515d ago

@ GiantEnemyCrab

I agree. I like my environments to be diverse. Sure you can have great story and gameplay (sometimes together...) but when everything goes together with a great variety in envionments...bliss.

Why dis3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I saved some room on my HDD just for this game. I have three profiles waiting.

I wan't to see more exotic planets with huge dangerous space animals and mech bosses moving around breaking stuff plus alien cultures with cities and towns just like JRPGs all on 3 or 4 discs.

GiantEnemyCrab3515d ago

Some more varying alien enemies on some of the remote planets would be a welcome addition.

Was disappointed when I found every planet has the same outposts and mines on them. I read in an interview that those issues are being corrected in ME2.

+Bub - Need to get you up a bubble man. Lame that folks have taken your bubbles for having a strong opinion and preference.

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