Only in Poland: PS3 bundled with The Holy Bible

The First Communion season is slowly starting in Poland. Is there a better way to sell PS3 than bundling it with the The Holy Bible?

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kss3192d ago

thats great they combined the greatest most powerful most holly thing in the world and a book

theKiller3192d ago

the most holy book on the planet is the QURAN!!! the Quran is purely God/allah/eloi/ellah words, while the bible have been corrupted with the too many different versions and different gospels!! aslo the bible is not only God words, bible has some god words, Jesus words, disciple's words and other people words, so its not purely God words while in islam everything was separated and Quran is the Purely God words!!! u should check what chapter 19/Mary chapter.

ur bible also mentioned prophet mohamed by name and by referring him as the comforter/spirit of truth

Dimitri3192d ago

theKiller go back to your bombland.

theKiller3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

u mean the land which ur countries bombed??? hmmm, i will someday LOL!

however do u know that my bombland is the land which all the world wants to take part of the cake and steal its wealth right ?? its full of oil/gas/gold and arabs provide 1/3 of the world need of oil, so u r using arabic power/oil now to run ur PC, next time make a better comment because that one showed how stupid and ignorant u r!!

and r u from cyprus or greece?? from ur name u sound a greek spoken country/island

LeonSKennedy4Life3192d ago

Ignorance is bliss, my friends.

TheBand1t3192d ago

Quran the most pure?

That's a joke. Haha. There is no pure religion anymore.

Nitrowolf23192d ago

Why are we arguing about which is Holy and pure? Everyone is entitled to their own religion beliefs.

likedamaster3192d ago

Jesus Jesus, y'all know da name.
But y'all ain't feeling Him like Novacaine.
I know...y'all think we're so insane.
But that don't matter,
Cuz we're not going for fame or "flowing" for gain.
You know we gotta go in His Name
The same God who's sovereign
came in a human frame
from heaven to earth like falling rain
so that we could call His name
and be born again.
You know the God who's controlling things
the Living Water like poland springs
who went away but He's
coming back like boomerangs. Until then,
all of creation groans in pain.
Cause sin's got the world locked like a ball & chain.
I get the hunch like Notre Dame, that many Christians won't
expose sin or exalt the Name.
But that's the thing that gets our name
in heaven's Hall of Fame. -Truth.

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chidori6663192d ago

Bible and all the lies that the writing ... read the book "a world haunted by demons" of Carl Sagan you WILL SEE YOU AND ALL THE LIES Bible. Bible: book of fantasies and lies to manipulate the people.

n to the b3192d ago

also watch "Religulous" with Bill Maher, raises some good ?s about the 'plot holes' in religion.

cherrypie3192d ago

The market clearly has little faith in the PS3.

3192d ago
pwnsause3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

at least in Poland it is.

"Now we know where Sony got all their brainwashing propaganda training from."

I wonder were Microsoft gets theirs? the satanic bible?

Leio3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Holy shiet !!o.0

and this guy
just bought a truckload of it.

3192d ago
SL1M DADDY3192d ago

It's pathetic to mock people for their beliefs. As for the bundle... I am of the sort that believes they should keep these issues separate. it's like companies that support political hot topics. IMHO they should stay neutral. Corporations should find a middle ground in any area of belief and stay there. That way they do not alienate any one particular group.

SaiyanFury3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Bundling a console with the bible? I don't see it as bad. As a Christian I think it's a good thing. I don't see Sony pushing religion on other people who believe different. If people can gleam a more meaningful existence from it then I'm glad. I, personally am very content believing in something more than myself. Just a personal perspective here, but I think these days that too many people believe in nothing but themselves. I feel sorry for those people that believe in nothing beyond themselves and have no faith in something beyond. I wish them well, but I truly hope they can adopt something beyond themselves.

I think companies should keep religious ideals and games seperate in this instance. Games and religion don't go hand in hand. People should choose such things based on their own ideals.

badz1493192d ago

I thought the PS3 is on the dark side?? what dark side reads the bible?

TheDude2dot03192d ago

I guess that's where all the PS3 fanboys get their Holier Than Thou attitude. Hur hur hur!

Mikerra173192d ago

I think people would laugh at the idea of this, and then the media would milk it for all its worth

irish-leprecaun3192d ago

get their brainwashing propaganda from lil evil buggers like me!!
"now all you got to do is burn the house down! , burn 'em all!!"

3192d ago
BYE3192d ago

It's a disguise. The real dark side is Microsoft, always has been.

likedamaster3192d ago

"The market clearly has little faith in the PS3."

Best quote I've read on this post.

Cryos3192d ago

It appears that this is not a Sony thing, but maybe a store thing. They comment that there is not word yet of a 360 version and there is a PS2 version.

Am I understanding that right, that Sony has nothing to do with this bundle?

JHUX3191d ago

The ps3 is gods gift to man, just like the transformers.

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Tachyon_Nova3192d ago

the hell would you by that bundle. Actually, i take that back. Games console's are the ultimate genocide machine's, perfect for anyone into religion to the extent that they by a Bible for the price of a PS3 (Console included, obviously). Ok, I just re-read this post, and its not very intelligent is it. Perfect for this site then.

PirateThom3192d ago

First Communion.

People are given gifts, so it's a way to bundle a nice present and a Bible.

ChemicalWorld3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Communion present sounds about right. When I was younger and had my holy communion my uncle bought me a 3DO. To say I was shocked based on the cost of the console was an understatement lol.

SuperSaiyan43192d ago

They got blu-ray and bible mixed up? >.<

AKNAA3192d ago

They got blu-ray and bible mixed up? >.< "

Well, I did see a high definition light source thanks to blu-ray!