PS3's First MMO Game Comes Out Tomorrow

Nine Over Ten 9/10 writes: "Perhaps the first Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game for the PS3 is coming out tomorrow (!) in the form of Daikoukai Jidai (a.k.a. Unchartered Waters) Online: Cruz del Sur.

Currently the game is only available in Japanese and I've a hard time translating the official site, but here's some information: the game is selling at a retail price of 6,090 YEN (around USD 64) and each copy comes with 30 days of free online play. After that you'll need to purchase 30-day Play Tickets which sell for 1,575 YEN each (around USD 16)."

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Dawn_Of_Ashes3490d ago

eewww... Paying to play online. No thanx!

rockleex3490d ago

Run a program on my computer... <_<

Rock Bottom3490d ago

Holly shii, that's a full priced game plus $16 every month!!!

No matter how you look at it, that's an obvious rip-off, just like WoW.

Ngai3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

If the game is worth it, i don't mind. Good service, good game? Sure. I payed monthly fee for FFXI for years. But i thought it was worthy at the time. But a free trial would be nice. Also FFXI had a 1 month free of charge, which i think should be on every MMO (payed/unpayed). Looking into this right now, never heard of it.

Not sure if i would pay for it. FFXI is ofcourse a bigger franchise then this. It even costs less. Need to see more gameplay in order to make sure if i would pay for this mmo.

Chubear3490d ago

and it's obvious this company's trying to see if they can go against Sony's commitment to no fees for MMOs on their system and see if it works for them.

Don't really have a pulse on the JPN market for this genre on consoles but this would flop hard if it were in NA or EU. With other more well known MMOs coming to the PS3 for free, I don't see how this game could possibly do well or better than these other Free PS3 MMOs

Did anyone ever hear of this game at all?

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Tachyon_Nova3490d ago

Obviously not a 360 fan then, good to hear.

gambare3490d ago

mm... I think the same fee system will apply to Age of Conan for 360, so I can't say anything about the fees, but if both games succeed on their respective consoles we will see more games of this kind on both.

be_wrong3490d ago

first? there's already Angel Online for the ps3 out in japan since last year :P

Pillage053490d ago

I was thinking the same thing.

ipe3490d ago

even thought all games are overpriced(60$)there s few of them that i buy on preorder or first day,Others i buy on some speecial deals or months after release.And beside that 15$ monthly just to play??U wont get my money 4 sure.Glad that agency is free and i hope dc ll be also...
Look at guild wars,over 6 mil.copies sold(reason:no fee,and game is still great)

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