GameFocus: Stormrise Review

GameFocus writes: "Stormrise is built by The Creative Assembly one of the best strategy game developers on the market, so I must admit my and others expectations were extremely high, but who could blame us after the incredible Empire – Total War, one of the best games of all time. To say the overall disappointment we have experienced with the game is great is an understatement as we fought our way through the campaign."


+ Interesting way to do a RTS on a console
+ Whip control is innovative …


- … but doesn't work very well
- Controls are sluggish and aggravating
- Hellish micromanagement
- Jagged graphics
- some horrible written and spoken dialog
- boring and cliché story
- short campaign
- The game is trial and error and does not provide you with the needed information
- Multiplayer is bland
- Frustrating… gahhh…

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