411Mania: UFC 2009: Undisputed Preview

John Curry: "When I first heard that the UFC and Zuffa were planning on making a UFC game for the 360 I was extremely hesitant about the possibilities that this game presented. So much so that I devoted a two part series to it explaining both why the game would and would not work. With the release of the demo I have decided that one of my two choices was as wrong as I could possibly have been. This game WILL DEFINITELY work."

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boss_killa3516d ago

i dl'd the demo on psn and have played it for atleast 4 hours + by myself.

the gamelay is simple and will be deep once you get more into it. i love how you can get knocked out at any moment. it adds an aura of danger and keeps you on your toes.

i went to my buddies house and we played the game for 3+ hours. it was fun as hell knocking each other out. i cant wait to get the final build and play as all of the UFC fighters.

villevalorox3516d ago

yeah, I would have never thought I would had liked it, I dl it off psn and it's hella fun ! :D