First day sales in Japan

A complete listing of first day sales data in Japan for various games have been released along with sell-through rates.

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TheColbertinator3515d ago

Looks like Monster Hunter G is already lining up the sights for Monster Hunter 3.As soon as Monster Hunter 3 for Wii strikes,Nintendo will have secured enough cash for two more console generations.

lloyd_wonder3515d ago

I guess Sony must be rolling and swimming in cash....


Seferoth753514d ago

Yeah cause last place is the best place to make cash.. Maybe they should stop swimming in it and report it to investors to cover the huge losses they took last year.

Sunny_D3515d ago

hmmm surprisingly an fps is on the top of the charts in japan.

Myst3515d ago

Times like this I hate how the Wii is region locked and the freeloaders are continuously being killed off because of Firmware updates by Nintendo...

I want Monster Hunter G as well as Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom!

chidori6663515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Killzone 2 (PS3) - 20,000 (45%)
Nantama: Chronicle of Dungeon Maker (PSP) - 2,000 (25%)
Monster Hunter G (Wii) - SP 65,000 (60%) / SE 27,000 (30%)

killzone 2 IMO.....

gambare3515d ago

Killzone 2 had a great impresssion from Japanese gamers, mostly because the Helgast reminds them the Jin roh characters.

lloyd_wonder3515d ago

Might hit 170k the first week if sales tend to tread after the first day. Looks like Monster Hunter on the wii will fall in line with the PS2 versions, rather than the PSP versions.

Then again this is a straight port of G on PS2. But, It'd be interesting to know how many consoles are shifted, and wheather or not the PSP fanbase cares about the console iteration...

Anyways, I hope the new Monster Hunter 3G for PSP, or whatever it's called comes out next year along with western release.

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